About Wanicare

The Wanicare Foundation

The Wanicare Foundation is a Dutch, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that supports primarily the Cikananga Wildlife Center hands-on, with operational management and financial funding. Wanicare is also part of the advisory board of the Cikananga Foundation. After the reorganization of the center from 2009 on, Wanicare started running programs for the protection of habitats and release programs for the (critically) endangered animals such as Silvery gibbons and Javan leopards. Wanicare was founded in 2009 by para-veterinarian Willemijn Eggen.

The start
In 2008 Willemijn arrived at Cikananga for the first time as a temporary intern. She was confronted with a center that was going through a very rough time due to the loss of funding and founded therefore Wanicare. Ever since the rescue center has become more organized and more professional under the close supervision of Willemijn. With a small budget, hard work, and full determination the Wanicare Foundation together with the Cikananga team has made a great difference in animal welfare in the center and the prospect for the animals and has become a leading organization in Indonesia.


Wanicare is still closely involved in all activities at the rescue center and Willemijn supports the rescue activities in Cikananga on-site and remotely, together with Inge Tielen as Deputy Director Life Science at Cikananga.

In Cikananga we take care of over 450 rescued wild animals, coordinate rescue and release operations, run a volunteer and student program, develop conservation & release programs and build high-welfare enclosures. The rescue center is growing and we are expanding our network to other animal welfare organizations throughout Asia. We offer professional medical care, active rehabilitation, and build proper enclosures to ensure the well-being of the animals and strive to release all confiscated wild animals back into their natural habitat. Education is a central theme in our work as we involve local and international students and enthusiasts in our work. Also, we visit schools in Indonesia and the Netherlands to share the important lessons that we learn in the front line of conservation.

Wanicare also started other programs (in cooperation with Cikananga Wildlife Center) related to habitat protection, animal conservation, and releases for animals that are (critically) endangered like the almost extinct Javan Leopard. Please find more information on the Projects page. We are active in the field mainly on Java, with active projects in Cikepuh National Reserve, UNESCO Global Geopark Ciletuh, Lengkong, and Takokak National Reserve.

To delivery on our mission we work closely together with partners like Arcus Foundation, Four Paws, Ouwehand Zoo Foundation and Orang Utan Help and many other partners.

We have made a video about our work with the help Care4needs Foundation: 

What we do: 
• Initiate and support the rescue of illegally traded animals and rescue animals who are victims of diminishing habitats
• Initiate and support releases of the (wild) animals into their natural habitat, or if not possible translocation of animals
• Improving, renewing, and building of new animal enclosures at the Cikananga
• Improving (and advising on) medication, nutrition, and animal care at the Cikananga
• Supporting establishment of an effective and efficient internal organization of Cikananga
• Fund-raising PR activities
• Run educational programs for volunteers, students, and in schools in the vicinity of the center and project sites
• Running programs to protect endangered wild animals and improve or maintain their natural habitat

The team of Wanicare
We have a 4 person team to make a difference for wildlife. With this team, we support the Indonesian staff of 20 keepers, managers, vets, and support at Cikananga. Also, we run our own independent projects.

Willemijn Eggen – Founder & Daily manager of Wanicare – Contact
Inge Tielen – Conservation Manager Cikananga Wildlife Center – Contact
Roel Jansen – PR & relations – Contact
Volunteer information – Contact 

Board of Wanicare
The board of the Wanicare Foundation consists of six volunteers, all having a different profession and expertise to fully support all aspects that involve reaching our goals.

Willemijn Eggen – Founder
Willemijn Sevens – Chairman
Ruud Groen – Treasurer
Hansje Oosterwijk – Board Member
If you want to contact us: info@wanicare.com

Cikananga Wildlife Center
The Cikananga Wildlife Center is an Indonesian registered NGO and officially registered rescue center by the Indonesian government.  Please find the Cikananga website here.


We can do so much with your contribution. If you would like to help us, please click here.

There are also many possibilities for volunteering and internships with Wanicare in Cikananga.

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