Slowlorris Kukus shot by poachers

12 December 2016 – This is Kukus, a Javan Slowlorris that was shot by poachers. Although seriously injured, she apparently managed to get away and she was found by locals in Lengkong. The X-rays clearly shows the bullet. Because a bullet can travel inside the body, we are carefully looking into surgery-options. Kukus is now in quarantine and today we did a medical checkup. She is holding up fine considering the bad situation. We will keep you updated!

Slowlorris Wanicare Cikananga Adoption wildlife

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Give the best Christmas gift to James

11 December 2016 – This is James, a longtime resident of Cikananga who lived on a dump, was fed beer and cigarettes while being chained and abused. This resulted in major mental and physical problems that are so traumatic that a life in the wild is impossible for him. Now we try to offer him the best possible life in his enclosure, with enrichment, rest and a diet that he deserves. Could you imagine giving James a Christmas gift by adopting him for 9 dollar per month so we can give him a little bit more attention, varied food and extra enrichment? Please let us know at 

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1 step closer to translocating Rosie and Femi to Sumatra

5 December 2016 – Great news from our friends at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) about Rosie and Femi! After establishing by DNA-test they are both Sumatran, they are accepted to move to SOCP on Sumatra. There they will be together with many other Orangutan babies and in the perfect circumstance to rehabilitate for potential future release in the wild. Now the permits for translocation to Sumatra can be arranged, hopefully this won’t take too long… In the meanwhile Rosie and Femi are placed in outside cages during day time and get outside twice a day for climbing high up the trees under our close supervision.


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New arrival at Cikananga; more to come

4 December 2016 – Last week we were informed about a case of a illegally kept animals near Sukabumi. We visited the location and after a talk with the owner we agreed to take in the illegal animals and an Otter (Otters are actually is allowed, but far that’s from ideal). Later this week we will pick up the Eagles. One male Asian Short Clawed Otter is already taken to Cikananga, but as this species is allowed to keep a pet the owner would not let go of another female.
We named the male Nur-nur and on arrival we immediately performed a medical check. As Nur-nur was kept in a very small cage his muscles are far below average but furthermore he seems pretty healthy, although we need to take X-rays to research some possible irregularities.


Chanee meets his new gibbons neighbors

28 november 2016 – Today little gibbon Chanee was moved to a big enclosure with other Gibbon neighbors! In his first 3 months in Cikananga Chanee was so small and vulnerable that we kept him in our clinic for round the clock care, later he moved to a cage just outside the clinic, and now he is making an important step to be close to other gibbons in a larger enclosure. A bit scared of course, but he is getting more and more independent, and that’s a good thing!












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A generous “wedding gift” for Wanicare and Brooke Hospital

Last September two very supporting sponsors of Wanicare were married in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Juus and Conny decided not to ask their guests for wedding presents but for donations for two charities. We are very happy and thankful to receive a generous €500! We would also like the thank Strandpaviljoen De Haven van Renesse as they sponsored 10% of the consumed turnover at the wedding.

Juus en Conny: We are very grateful to have people like you helping us help the wildlife in Indonesia! Congratulations, we’re wishing you a marriage filled with love and joy!

Conny’s choice was Brooke Hospital for Animals Nederland, (, an animal welfare charity which is working to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and the people who depend on them, in countries like Egypt and India. Brooke Hospital for Animals provides free veterinary service, in static clinics and with mobile clinics; prevents diseases by educating the equine owners in the basic principles of equine care and builds the capacity of local farriers, saddle makers, feed sellers etc. through training sessions. In Egypt alone Brooke Hospital for Animals helps 160.000 working equines on an annual basis. Brooke Hospital received a donation from of € 500

Juus’ choice was the Wanicare Foundation. Wanicare was founded in 2008 to support the Cikananga Wildlife Center on Java in Indonesia. Willemijn Eggen is the dedicated person behind this foundation and today the center is flourishing again as she is working with many colleagues to care for over 300 wild animals ranging from crocodiles, eagles to bears and orangutan’s. As many endangered wildlife wind up in the horrible illegal trade, Wanicare takes care of the rescued animals with daily (medical) care and advise, releases, fundraising, PR, educational programs and much more. Juus visited Cikananga in West-Java three times. Wanicare Foundation also received € 500















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Building new enclosures for the Cikananga Raptor Program

7 november 2016 – Now that the large rehabilitation cages are fixed from the storm damage and the recovery cages construction is finished another construction project started here in Cikananga. This block is built at the location where we first prepared individuals for the large rehabilitation cages. And this new block includes four similar cages fit for preparing eagles for the large rehab cages.

This design will make sure there is no direct contact between keeper and animal during feeding. And as there are more species of birds that are being rehabilitated at Cikananga two cages for parrot or hornbill species are included in this block.


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Update on baby Siamang Amank

30 October 2016 – Baby Siamang Amank is doing pretty well, his first medical checks are OK, although next week we will have to take X-rays to check for possible fractures. He is drinking and eating well and today he was climbing outside at our the clinic playground all by himself.



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Another Siamang Rescue: Ruby

28 october 2016 – After a long drive we picked up Siamang Ruby from the marshals of the Forestry department. They confiscated her a day before from an illegal mini-zoo located in a mall. Ruby is a full grown female, she is very tired, stressed and seems overly sad. We will keep you updated. If you would like to adopt Ruby, please let us know: We can use all the help to care for her.

We brought an Ebony Leaf Monkey who was also confiscated directly to Aspinall near Bandung. The other animals (a snake, cockatoo and a peacock) where taken to other places by the Forestry department.














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