Volunteering and Interships program at Cikananga is fully re-opened.

19 August 2022 – We are pleased to share we can receive new international interns and volunteers, the program is fully open, and we are receiving new enthusiasts at the Cikananga Wildlife Center. Do you want to make a difference for wildlife in one of the most extensive rescue centers of its kind? Or are you looking for an internship in conservation or animal (medical)-care? We have been welcoming volunteers and students from all around the world for an experience away from the usual travel destinations.


Please find more information on the Wildlife Internship and Wildlife Volunteering pages. There you can find the PDF Guide with all information, pricing, and insights into the programs.

If you want to know more about the latest opportunities, don’t hesitate and contact us at


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18 August 2022 – The latest Wanicare Newsletter is out! Do you want to receive these updates to? At least every quarter we publish a newsletter with all the latest and greatest at Cikananga.

This time:  

– New updates on the Release of #javanleopard Rasi
– New reptile enclosures at Cikananga
– GPS backpack for the Hornbills
– Staff updates

Hornbills about to fly out with GPS

5 August 2022 – Currently we a preparing releases by fitting backpacks to the Wreathed Hornbills. The backpacks carry GPS transmitters to trace their activity once released and are donated to the Hornbill Release Program by Ostrava Zoo. Thanks!!

Very soon, four of the wreathed hornbills will be moved to the habituation enclosure preparing them for a new chapter of their life in the wild!

Learn more about our Hornbill Release Program in our projects section.

2022 Year Update Video is here!

16 June 2022 – A video update about the last year and plan to come, from Willemijn and Inge, directly from the Cikananga Wildlife Center. Please take a look!

Link to 2022 Youtube Wanicare & Cikananga Video

A short word from Willemijn Eggen:

Also, this year Inge Tielen and I made a short update video to give an impression of how things are going in Cikananga and the plans for the coming period.

I finally went back to Cikananga earlier this year, and I saw how the team struggled through the difficult corona period. We would like to thank you very much for your support, without this support we absolutely cannot do our work, and we certainly would not have survived the past 2 difficult corona years while caring for so many animals, ongoing rescue activities, and a huge challenge as we could not receive any visitors which put a full stop on the volunteer and internship program.  This program has been instrumental in the past for extra hands to get work done, but also to create an ongoing small income stream that dried up in the past two years. With the many supporters around Cikananga & Wanicare, we have survived!

Fortunately, everything is slowly returning to a situation like before the corona crisis: With more volunteers, more releases, and again fantastic developments!

If you would like to make a contribution to make our work possible, you are very welcome on the account number below so that we can continue to build the team, release projects, medical care, and accommodation for the 450+ animals in Cikananga.

Best regards

Willemijn Eggen
Founder of the Wanicare Foundation

Cikananga Symposium for Utrecht University

29 May 2022 – Today we are presenting live from Cikananga to students of the Utrecht University in the Netherlands for a 4 hour symposium on the Cikananga Wildlife Center.

As we believe education is one of the most important keys to conservation, we a very pleased to share our stories on conservation, rescue work, release program, wildlife medicine and much more.  We want to thank study society Archaeopteryx for inviting us.

Want to learn more? Contact Inge or Willemijn, also we love to participate and present to more schools and communities, don’t hesitate to reach out: info at Wanicare dot com.

RELEASE of Javan Leopard at Ciremai

10 March 2022 – For the first time in history, a long-term rehabilitated Javan leopard was released! This happened as part of the Javan Leopard Progam of Cikananga & Wanicare. This means it was an exciting day for not only Javan Leopard Rasi but also for all teams involved in the 2.5-year preparations to this very moment and the many years of building the program before.
CCTV cameras show her leaving her enclosure around 12:30 and going quickly through the 30-meter funnel going up Ciremai Mountain.
Now we have reached a milestone in the program, with the help of the GPS collar we will intensively monitor the released leopard for at least 6 months to confirm survival, identify the new territory, and monitor if Rasi might come too close to local villages for example. The first night she stayed in a nearby dark patch of forest and in the days that followed she started very slowly exploring her new environment.
We thank all involved parties and teams Gunung Ciremai BBKSDA Jabar, Indonesianwildlife JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network GLZOO Jogjakarta, Sintas Indonesia and we are looking forward to continuing our work this coming months to ensure the safety of Rasi.
And special thanks to Cikananga sponsors for making this possible: Animal Welfare Foundation Wolfgang Bosche and Fans for Nature!

Javan Leopard Rasi on her way to Ciremai National Park

31 January 2022 – Today is a big day for Javan leopard Rasi and the Cikananga team. She will be moving into the habituation enclosure at the Ciremai National Park. Follow us here to get updates on how she adapts to her new environment, on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

International Animal Rescue visits for X-ray checks

7 January 2022 – On the 29th and 30th of December last year the team of International Animal Rescue Bogor came to Cikananga with their portable x-ray machine. And in two days we were able to do Xrays on 20 animals in our center. It allows us to finally diagnose underlying suspected diseases and monitor long-term health issues. Many thanks to the amazing help of the International Animal Rescue team!

International Volunteer Day: Post-corona oppertunties at Cikananga

Today the world celebrates volunteer day: Because their help makes a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations around the world. Cikananga Wildlife Center would not have grown into the center as what it is today without the help of the over 500 volunteers who joined us throughout the years. In the past two years, we have missed our international volunteers and interns a lot due to the travel restrictions of the corona crisis. We are looking forward to welcoming the first volunteers and interns in 2022 again as travel restrictions are being lifted step by step.
Many great memories are made and important work has been achieved together with the help of awesome volunteers! We thank each and everyone for their commitment, compassion, and support.
If you want to volunteer, take a look at the volunteer pages and let us know and message us on the latest possibilities and the related travel restrictions.

Fundraising for organic food production at Cikananga

1 Dec 2021 – Two years ago we started with a #agriculture project to create organic food production for the 500 rescued animals at the rescue center. Under the coordination of Scott Hartle we want to take new steps and any support is welcome to help #sustainable and #organic food production at Cikananga. Do you want to help? Please take a look and donate to support the project! Check the link below or the bio.