Slowlorises moved into new enclosure

13 January 2016 – Today twelve Slow Lorises were moved into the recently finished new large semi natural enclosures at Cikananga. Photos shortly taken after confiscation show that these individuals were kept in horrifying conditions and we were shocked when the approximately 80 individuals arrived in 2013 at Cikananga. Therefore the Cikananga team is very happy that all slow lorises can now be moved outside, and this would not have been possible without the amazing dedication of Nadia LorisLove who collected the funds to finish these cages!


slowlorisenclosure1 slowlorisenclosure2 slowlorisenclosure3 slowlorisenclosure4slowlorisenclosure5















Ex-dancing leave Cikananga for freedom!

5 January 2016 – A great day for 33 ex-dancing Macaques that once lived on the streets of Jakarta. After a long period of rehabilitation in Cikananga Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) bring them back to safe forests in West Java In cooperation with the Forestry Departement where the monkeys will be able to finally enjoy their freedom again.

DancingII dancingI DacingIII











Medical supplies donated

15 December 2015 – Medical supplies were donated by a pharmacy and vet on Reunion Island. It was brought here by Sophie and Danielle about a week ago. And it turns out that this delivery came at a perfect moment because the antibiotics donated are already in use to treat one of the turtles at Cikananga. Many thanks for this amazing donation!

Are you also interested in helping out and want to make a difference for the animals at Cikananga? Have a look at the wish list Other ways to help and let us know when you can help.

Donated suppliesDonated supplies II







Update Silvery Gibbons Project: Thanks for the support

Update from the field: Silvery Gibbon Project Lenkong 

The Silvery gibbons that were forced to forage outside the safety of their forest in Lengkong, reported on the 1st of November, are receiving extra food in their forest for three weeks now. Last week the gibbons did not visit the village on daily basis, which is an important step in the good direction. The family group are now reported most often near the tree in which the food is given and they eat all food provided. Many thanks for the donations, your support so far makes it possible to provide extra food for another four weeks. But we are also very thankful for the local support, without the help of the local villagers the future of these gibbons would have been totally different.

However there is also concerning news, as you can see on one of the photos a gibbon appears to be pregnant, which would have been great news, but not in these circumstances. Not only does this mean that more food is needed in the future, but also suggests that inbreeding already occurs as this is the older juvenile and she does not have any contact with other gibbons except of her parents and siblings. We will closely monitor how this new development will influence the group dynamics.

silvery gibbon 1silvery gibbon 2








A very weak Leopard arrived in Cikananga

Two days ago this female Javan leopard arrived in Cikananga Wildlife Center. She was brought by the police who also confiscated her. The story of the persons who kept this poor girl is that they where hunting for pigs and suddenly saw 2 leopards fighting, one leopard run in to the rice field and got stuck in the mud, and that’s why they captured her. They kept her in a very small cage, where she could not even turn. The hunters told the police that they had her only for 2 days… Yeah sure!

What really happened will not be clear, but according to her condition it wasn’t much good. From the lack of muscles it’s for sure that she was held in captivity much longer.
Yesterday evening when she arrived, she was in real critical condition and was almost not reacting anymore. She was weak and badly dehydrated, She is also very skinny and her body is covered with small wounds.

At arrival medical treatment was started immediately and she got an infusion against the dehydration.Happily she amazed us and made it trough the first two nights, and she is already eating. It seems she is going to be better and hopefully we can move out of the clinic very soon.

Due to lack of release area’s we are having a hard time housing all the Leopards in Cikananga in a proper way. Would you like to help us build decent accommodations? Please contact us if you do so:

Leopardnov15-1 Leopardnov15-2






8 new confiscated animals arrived in Cikananga

Yesterday we received 4 birds of paradise, a sunbear, 2 gibbons and a clouded leopard that were confiscated from an illegal trader. We really need support to create a (hopefully temporary) home for these young and very vulnerable wild animals, would you like to help us?













Ongoing drought forces Silvery gibbons into villages!

Lengkong The Javan gibbon groups in Lengkong Regency that are facing local extinction caused by isolation, disturbance, habitat loss and degradation are struggling to find food in this long dry season. Al year round these gibbons are already forced to complete their diet foraging outside the safety of their forests, but two family groups have been going into local villages more frequently in the last weeks. The gibbons’ search for food bring them every day a bit closer to people and the risks that come along. Food items reported being taken by the local gibbons are papaya, soursop, bananas and passion fruits.

On Saturday 31 October the report came in of a gibbon sitting on a chickenpen next to a house. Initially the people were scared, but after being informed that this gibbon was just really hungry, villagers put a mango near the gibbon which was taken shortly after.

Because the reports are getting more concerning by the day Wanicare Foundation will now officially start with providing extra food for these two family groups to lower the risks of conflicts and poaching.

Help these gibbons survive the drought by funding some much needed food! With a donation of only €1,50 you give us the opportunity to give one gibbon food for another day.

Rescued Hornbills moved to outside enclosure


This week we moved 5 hornbills from the small quarantine enclosures to one large enclosure where they can finally fly. The young birds were rescued in February from illegal trade. Although this is a step forward, we are still short on funding for appropriate housing considering this larger enclosure is in bad shape. Also other Hornbills are still in small enclosures with limited space. Therefor we want to realise one appropriate hornbill enclosure. Would you like to help these magnificent birds? Please contact us if you want to help us: