Ongoing drought forces Silvery gibbons into villages!

Lengkong The Javan gibbon groups in Lengkong Regency that are facing local extinction caused by isolation, disturbance, habitat loss and degradation are struggling to find food in this long dry season. Al year round these gibbons are already forced to complete their diet foraging outside the safety of their forests, but two family groups have been going into local villages more frequently in the last weeks. The gibbons’ search for food bring them every day a bit closer to people and the risks that come along. Food items reported being taken by the local gibbons are papaya, soursop, bananas and passion fruits.

On Saturday 31 October the report came in of a gibbon sitting on a chickenpen next to a house. Initially the people were scared, but after being informed that this gibbon was just really hungry, villagers put a mango near the gibbon which was taken shortly after.

Because the reports are getting more concerning by the day Wanicare Foundation will now officially start with providing extra food for these two family groups to lower the risks of conflicts and poaching.

Help these gibbons survive the drought by funding some much needed food! With a donation of only €1,50 you give us the opportunity to give one gibbon food for another day.

Rescued Hornbills moved to outside enclosure


This week we moved 5 hornbills from the small quarantine enclosures to one large enclosure where they can finally fly. The young birds were rescued in February from illegal trade. Although this is a step forward, we are still short on funding for appropriate housing considering this larger enclosure is in bad shape. Also other Hornbills are still in small enclosures with limited space. Therefor we want to realise one appropriate hornbill enclosure. Would you like to help these magnificent birds? Please contact us if you want to help us: 




New arrivals from illegal trade

6 eagles where confiscated from a trader in Bogor by the organisation JAAN. Also an Asian short clawed otter and a porcupine where confiscated from the same trader. All animals are still pretty young! This morning they arrived in Cikananga. Before entering the quarantine they all received a medical exam.The more adult eagles are all a bit to skinny and dehydrated but for the rest in OK condition.The 2 young eagle chicks needed extra care in our animal clinic, one is in worrying condition! Happily the otter and porcupine are doing much better and are in good condition and seem to be healthy. The eagles are 1 Javan hawk eagle, 2 changeable hawk eagles light morph and 3 changeable hawk eagles dark morph,including 2 young juveniles.

brontok stekelvarken otter baby 2





New orang-utan enclosure


Great news for Dodo and Noni! We are constructing a new enclosure, which will be much bigger!

Many thanks to JAAN for raising funding to realise this.

We will keep you updated…..









Translocation of baby orang-utan Dennis

The 8th of September it was a big day for Dennis, he started his long journey from Cikananga Wildlife Center to Sumatra, to the SOCP orangutan rehabilitation Center on the 8th of September. First by car to Jakarta airport together with our vet Alia, who took care of Dennis since he arrived in Cikananga. In Jakarta the JAAN team was standing ready to help us with all the paper work at the cargo and airport quarantine.
Dennis arrived safely in the SOCP center and will undergo now first 3 months of quarantine time. After this he will be placed in the baby group where he can play whole day long with other orang-utan babies and practise climbing and everything else he needs to learn before he can return back to the wild.
Bye bye Dennis! We will miss you, but we are so happy that you return home and that you soon will play with other orang-utans and that you will return to your natural habitat in the future!
Thanks JAAN and SOCP for all your great support to Dennis and your great help to make this possible for him! Next to that also a huge thanks to Sriwijaya air & Thomas the pilot for the support to bring baby Dennis home safely to the Sumatran forests.

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Gibbon Olif arrived in Cikananga wildlife Center

Olif is a young ( 3 year old) Agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis) and was handed over to us by her owner on the 5th of September 2015.

At the age of 8 months old Olif was ‘’adopted’’ by her previous owner. They got her from a friend of a friend. They felt bad from Olif because this friend of a friend wasn’t taking good care of Olif, therefore they decided to take over the care for this baby gibbon.
Olif was and still is much too young to be without her mother! Normally gibbons stay with their parent till they reach the age of 6-7 years old. It’s so sad, again an animal that has to grow up without mother-parent care! Happily the owner of Olif decided to hand her over to us. Unfortunately she isn’t in the best condition! She is much too skinny due malnutrition, especially a lack of protein and calcium! Hopefully with her new diet that she receives now and a bigger enclosure to play and swing around in she will soon become stronger and gets on weight.
She is housed now in our quarantine building and yesterday she got her first TBC test, general medical check-up, de-worming and we took blood to test her on diseases. Olif has to stay at least for 3 months in the quarantine and we have to test 2 more time for TBC, but after that she will move to one of our primate rehabilitation enclosures.
We hope for the future that we can translocate Olif to Kalaweit in Sumatra were she hopefully can return to the wild again.

1441442828424 IMG_20150905_132011











Release of Javan slowlorises Billy K & Lia

IMG_20150807_201623On the 3rd of September Lia and Bill k where translocated to a release side of Little Fireface Project (LFP). Here they were immediately released in the pre-release cage. The first night it didn’t go really well, Billy K was weak when she arrived but surprisingly started gouging on the branches of the tree’s immediately (to find gum to eat). However she also spent a lot of time sitting on the ground which we never see wild lorries do and could make her very vulnerable to predation and capture. Lia was much less active and we didn’t see her eating which was worrying! It was probably a response to the stress of the translocation. Because the next evening they were both doing much better; both were active, eating well and gouging to find gum.
On the 6th of September they were released from the pre-release cage in to the wild. Amazing that these 2 girls could return back to their natural habitat. They are monitored every evening now for the next weeks by the LFP team to make sure they really do well now that they are back in the wild.

Slowlorises translocated to IAR

lorises to iarOn the 31st of August 14 slowlorises where translocated from Cikananga to IAR in Bogor. All where confiscated from a trader. Their canines where cut what always meant we had to remove them. Happily a specialised vet from Spain came to IAR and she could do a dental refill on these 14 individuals. This means they still can be released in the future:-) They will stay at IAR  and as soon as they show good natural behaviour they will return to the wild.


New arrival at the Raptor Release Program Cikananga

On the 28th of August we got the message that a young changeable hawkeagle that could not fly yet was rescued from the trade. The next day we went to location as we were concerned it may not receive the good care that would prevent imprinting.
On arrival it turned out to be something else, a subadult Crested Serpent Eagle and the wings are clipped. Panthera (named after the group that informed us about this case) is now in quarantine before going to the recovery cages.

panthera 1   panthere 2

Release of slowloris Listrika

listrika3On the 5th of August Slowloris Listrika was brought to Cikananga Wildlife Center. listrika 1She was found in a electricity box by the Little Fireface project (LFP) team, to make sure she was alright and healthy she was brought to us. After medical check-up by our vet and after observing her behaviour she could return to LFP on the 10th of August. Here she was placed in a habituation enclosure in the release area. After 3 days the door of the enclosure was opened and Listrika was free again!



End of August our slowlorises Lia & Billy K. Will be released as well!