International Volunteer Day: Post-corona oppertunties at Cikananga

Today the world celebrates volunteer day: Because their help makes a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations around the world. Cikananga Wildlife Center would not have grown into the center as what it is today without the help of the over 500 volunteers who joined us throughout the years. In the past two years, we have missed our international volunteers and interns a lot due to the travel restrictions of the corona crisis. We are looking forward to welcoming the first volunteers and interns in 2022 again as travel restrictions are being lifted step by step.
Many great memories are made and important work has been achieved together with the help of awesome volunteers! We thank each and everyone for their commitment, compassion, and support.
If you want to volunteer, take a look at the volunteer pages and let us know and message us on the latest possibilities and the related travel restrictions.

Fundraising for organic food production at Cikananga

1 Dec 2021 – Two years ago we started with a #agriculture project to create organic food production for the 500 rescued animals at the rescue center. Under the coordination of Scott Hartle we want to take new steps and any support is welcome to help #sustainable and #organic food production at Cikananga. Do you want to help? Please take a look and donate to support the project! Check the link below or the bio.

Running For Wanicare: Thank you!

22 November 2021 – UPDATE: We finished the alternative 15km route and raised over 1500 euro! Thanks for the amazing support and we want to thank you on behalf of the animals at Cikanaga!

Although the official Zevenheuvelenloop is canceled following the Corona restrictions, we still will be running! With a small group, led by Wanicare founder Willemijn Eggen, we will run an alternative 15km closer to home, and we will keep you updated on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

Do you want to help us help the animals of Cikananga? Please support our #runningforwanicare fundraiser here, any donation is welcome as we can use all the support in the world as corona impacts our work significantly!

Follow the updates on our Instagram & Facebook channels.

We want to thank you all for your support on behalf of the animals!!

Release of Raptors and Leopard cats

29 October 2021 –  Yesterday was finally the long expected date to release 2 changeable hawk-eagles, 2 crested serpent eagles and 3 javan leopard cats.
The release had to be postponed due the covid pandemic for 3 months and we cant express how happy we are to see all these individuals fly an run off into the wild. These animals were released at Mount Ciremai National Park which is the highest peak in West Java and also home to an active volcano! The animals were given a worthy send off with a ceremonial event organised which allowed forestry department staff and a limited number of guests to spectate the release of the Eagles rom a distance. Thank you to Gunung ciremai team and BKSDA authorities for working with us to give these animals their freedom again.

A new Gibbon enclosure at Cikananga on World Gibbon Day!

24 October 2021 – Today organizations around the world raise awareness for these fascinating apes.
We share with you the amazing news that earlier this month we were able to finish specialized facilities for gibbons at Cikananga with the help of ARCUS This to improve their condition and behavior which will significantly improve their chances for successful rehabilitation and preparation for release. Gibbon confiscations are sadly common, but sadly gibbons are released at a slower rate on most islands in Indonesia due to the long process to prepare them for the wild. Cikananga’s primate facilities were previously not appropriate to rewild or start the rehabilitation process for release.

And now we can!! Because these enclosures are built in an isolated location and the dimensions are to trigger natural behavior.

Please find a video on our social media channels: Wanicare Facebook and Wanicare Instagram

More info on our supporting partner Arcus:


Successful translocation of Cockatoos

9 October 2021 -At the end of September, Cikananga Wildlife Center successfully completed the transfer of 9 cockatoos back to their native region of North Maluku, Eastern Indonesia. Undertaking this journey was our Head Veterinarian Wahyu Hananto as he traveled with 2 White cockatoos, 3 Moluccan cockatoos, and 4 Sulphur crested cockatoo. The journey took over 24 hours and included traveling by multiple cars, planes, and boats! All the birds and Wahyu arrived safe and healthy in North Makulu where they received a huge welcome from the Suaka Paruh Bengkok team. For some of the birds, this center is the final destination before release whereas for others they will transit here and take a rest before moving onto nearby islands from which they are originally.
Thank you to Suaka Paruh Bengkok and Btn Aketajawe Lolobata for facilitating this translocation and to all the sponsors who made this translocation possible.

#runningforwanicare by Willemijn Eggen

01 October 2021 – Support Wanicare during the Seven Hills run (the Official ZevenHeuvelenLoop)! On Sunday 21 November 2021 the Zevenheuvelen loop will be organized again. Therefore I will run 15 km over 7 hills around Nijmegen to raise money for the wild animals in Cikananga, which we have been involved with for the past 12 years. As the founder of Wanicare, I am training together with my husband Roel Jansen, in order to collect money for the Wanicare Foundation.
Due to Corona, the wild animal rescue center in Cikananga is going through a difficult time. We sincerely hope to raise a very nice amount, now that we have to do it without the usual income. In Cikananga we currently care for more than 450 wild (endangered) animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, and we need all the support to care for them and to return these animals back to their natural habitat.
Please support us! Through the following link at WANICARE – STEUNACTIE you can make easily a donation for the animals at the Cikananga Wildlife Center.
Thank you for your support! Any questions, don’t hesitate to mail me.
Best regards,
Willemijn Eggen – Founder Wanicare

Welcoming UKF students at Cikananga

28 September 2021 – In September we were pleased to welcome Uni Konservasi Fauna to Cikananga Wildlife Center. UKF is a student group from IPB University with a focus on wildlife conservation which aims to enhance the skills of their members in preparation for their pursuit of careers in conservation. Over the course of a few days, UKF undertook a programme on ex situ conservation techniques and saw first-hand how this can look when implemented. The group of 10 students brought a lot of energy, ideas and enthusiasm to the programme and consequently a lot of beneficial discussion and knowledge sharing took place on topics such as welfare, behaviour and nutrition. Thank you UKF and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Want to learn more about our conservation program for (international) students? Contact us.

We celebrate 20 years of Cikanaga!

1 August 2021 – This month we celebrate 20 years of Cikananga! This remarkable anniversary is celebrated where Wanicare has joined the development of the rescue center already 12 years ago. But we want you to join in the celebrations, so in August we will share many updates on important milestones, memories and challenges throughout the 2 decades as we create a better world for wildlife. Follow us our Instagram en Facebook for these updates!

Ciremai release postponed due to Covid

06 July 2021 – This is Darwin, he was confiscated in september 2018. On arrival his wing feathers were covered with a gum or glue, indicating he might have been captured from the wild. His behavior indicates the same, therefore we are very happy he will soon be translocated to Ciremai for release. However a bit more patience is required, while due to the current Covid situation in Indonesia the government implemented a lockdown on the islands of Java and Bali. This means also release activities are postponed untill further notice.