Release preperations for Eagles in Ciremai

28 June 2021 – Release preparations! The Cikananga Team is in Gunung Ciremai to assist with the construction of habituation cages. This coming week 4 eagles will be translocated to the release site and will be released after habituation on site. More information soon.

Support the return of our Cockatoos

Celebrate with us World Parrot Day by helping us realize the translocation of 9 parrots!
In the last years Cikananga has been receiving parrots more frequently and at the moment we house a total of 121 parrots of 20 different species, originating from about 10 different islands throughout Indonesia. An amount which is challenging to manage for our facilities and therefore we are thrilled to share the good news that 9 parrots are accepted to go to Suaka Paruh Bengkok on the Moluccan.
However, due to the financial challenging situation at the moment as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask you for help to realize their final flight to freedom.

For more information please have a look at the campaign. Many thanks for your ongoing support in these challenging times!

*Please find the fundraiser here:on Many thank for you help on behalf of the animals of Cikananga!

More information: info at

Orangutan Femi RELEASED

15 March 2021 – Amazing news from our friends at The Orangutan Project on Sumatra! We are incredibly happy to share this. Last week they finally announced what we already knew a little earlier. We are so excited that the hard work at Cikananga, even after the precarious situation as a traumatized, young orangutan has turned to this success story for Femi.

Femi in 2017 at Cikananga

An update from The Orangutan Project:
You may remember that our much-loved Citrawan was released into the Bukit Tigapuluh jungle last year. At the same time, her friend Femi was also released.  Femi’s story is one of perseverance and it demonstrates what we can achieve when we work together.
Femi was rescued in 2016 during an operation in which five orangutans were confiscated from wildlife traffickers. Femi was found at a bus station, packed inside a postage box. She had been transported by bus from Sumatra to Java to be sold to a buyer. After an investigation involving our partner Centre for Orangutan Protection, as well as JAAN and BKSDA, a number of wildlife traffickers were arrested.

After her rescue, Femi was sent to Cikananga Wildlife Center in southern Java. On arrival at the center, it was clear she had learned a lot from her mother – she knew how to make a nest and which plants and fruit to eat. This positive start in her life is helping her now.

However, shortly after her arrival, Femi became depressed and the carers at Cikananga were afraid they would lose her. She seemed to lose the will to live and they could see the depression in her eyes. It’s not surprising, given what she’d been through in her short life.
Fortunately, there was another infant orangutan at the centre. Little Rosi had been rescued from a family who kept her as a pet and, along with the carers, Rosi helped Femi recover from her depression. The caretakers at Cikananga took Femi and Rosi out to the forest at least twice a day for a few hours at a time, until November 2018, when they were translocated to Sumatra.
The wonderful news is that despite her early trauma, Femi is doing really well in the Sumatran Orangutan Reintroduction Centre in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem.  She is very active, foraging and exploring the forest, and you can see her in this final photo, enjoying her freedom in the wild. Thank you to all the partners, organisations and carers that worked together to rescue, rehabilitate and translocate this precious young orangutan.

A video message from Willemijn Eggen

10 March 2021 – Dear Wanicare & Cikananga supporters,

Instead of a paper year update about our work we would like you to show how things are going through a short video. See below a YouTube link with a short 2020 overview of Wanicare & Cikananga. It includes a short introduction of myself followed by the staff and animals in Cikananga!

Corona hits us hard, so it was a very difficult year and it still is. Also, for me personal it is difficult to see the Cikananga team struggling and working so hard, it makes me feel often powerless. Now it has already been over a year since I was in Cikananga. I hope boarders will open soon again.

I really hope this year I can go back to my beloved Cikananga and the team. In the meantime, my work consisted mainly of finding emergency funding for Cikananga to continue our fantastic and important work for the animals, and cover the basic operational necessary costs.

Foremost I would like to thank you for your support, without this support we would absolutely not have been able to continue last year. Now almost a year in Corona, extra support is still desperately needed for the almost 500 animals in Cikananga.

We are still in difficult times because of Corona. Due to the lack of visitors, we are missing structural income and more and more animals are in need of help. That while the team can’t rely on the support of the regular volunteers and interns.

We are working on different projects to generate structural financial support as well, like through the organic farming program and merchandise program, but it takes time to develop these programs and to create profits.

We hope that next year everything will be back to normal, and that we can welcome you again in Cikananga or meet elsewhere.

We hope you can continue supporting us. Any donation is welcome and very much needed to bridge the coming months. If there is a way to support us, please contact me or find our bank account numbers below for the many rescued animals in our care.

But now: Click here for the Wanicare Annual Review 2020 on YouTube.

Stay healthy and hopefully we will meet again soon.
If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Wanicare & Cikananga Team,

Willemijn Eggen

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Help us help endangered Slow lorises

18 February 2021 – Most of the Slow lorises in Cikananga are coming directly from the trade or are found at illegal owners who believe they make good pets. But the opposite is true, these nocturnal primates are in need of very specific diets, are poisonous when thevly bite and are very sensitive to stress. Even here at the rescue center we need to keep them under close supervision, where they live in large, semi natural enclosures and are being fed a very specific diet that includes for example tree gum. Currently there are 9 Javan slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) at Cikanaga and this species is classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red list, due to illegal trade and shrinking habitats.

Do you want to help these magnificent animals? Please do not hesitate as we can use all support as we are finacially struggling as a result of the corona crisis.  With no visitors at the rescue center, we mis out on a very significant income stream that help us pay for the food, medicine, keeper wages and other operational costs. Help us help!

info at is always open for any questions or remarks, or donate right away through the donate button.

Conservation education for students continue online

4 February 2021 – Conservation education continues online: This time Wanicare founder Willemijn Eggen explains the what happens on a daily basis at Cikananga, with Inge Tielen attending live from the rescue center. Together they teach students from Helicon Velp in the Netherlands in a series of classes on the importance of conservation, rescue operations and the goals of Cikananga and Wanicare.

BREAKING: Cikananga called to confiscation of 184 birds

14 January 2021 – Today Cikananga was called to a confiscation of 184 birds, among them are different protected cockatoo and parrots species. A collaboration of different local police and other governmental authorities revealed these animals at an illegal wildlife trader in the Sukabumi regency.
This resulted in a busy day preparing cages for new arrivals at Cikananga. Tomorrow we will be taking a large number of these birds to Cikananga. We will try our very best to accommodate these birds in our quarantines and provide them with the required (medical) care on arrival.
As we anticipate on a large number animals in need of care, we want to reach out to our community to support us in the coming period.
If you want to help, please don’t hesitate as our budgets are already under great pressure as a result of the corona situation. Any donation is welcome to support these birds, please find our the donation page on this website of contact us at
Updates will follow soon.


Bird introductions to start 2021

10 January 2021 – Cikananga started the year with introducing Sulphur crested cockatoos to each other. In this group are now 5 individuals, all different backgrounds and all different personalities. In the front is Yuyu, she has been alone for a long time and the feather condition is likely a consequence of that (plucking), because #medical issues were not found. The first day everyone was overwhelmed, Yuyu however was extremely interested in everything and everyone around her, a very curious and confident individual which we hope will now settle in and give her feathers the chance to grow.

Rescued animals arrive at Cikananga

2 January 2021 –  In the last week of the year we had two animals arriving, both in immediate need of attention. A sulphur Crested Cockatoo kept as a pet for more than 5 years in Bandung area was brought to us by Rezoo volunteers. This kind and easy going cockatoo appears to be having very destructive behavior, and when not having the possibility of chewing on wood or other enrichment it likely started plucking its feathers, we have high hopes to improve his appearance and condition.

Next a more rare bird species was reported in need of rescue, this Black eagle (Ictinaetus malaiensis) was caught by people after it was found catching one of their chickens. When brought to us our veterinarians found concerning medical issues, of which one is that the eagle appears to have serious damage to one of his eyes.
However its overall behavior indicates there might be more going on and the coming month we will be closely monitoring and performing checks to find out what might have happened to this eagle.

Wanicare & Cikananga wishing you a merry Christmas

25 December 2020 – We want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a great 2021!

We are concluding a challenging year where many of you have helped us to deal with, amongst others, the corona situation.
First of all we want to thank you for helping us, not only financially but also emotionally as we had to deal with a lot in 2020.

Corona still has a huge impact on the rescue center and our abilities to generate income as we can not receive any visitors like volunteers, interns or schools. At Cikanaga the team has been working day in, day out to care for the nearly 500 animals in a pretty isolated way for 9 months now.

Between all this we can safely say we are looking forward to 2021 and we trust its going be a much better year. This we can definitely achieve with your help.

Any support for the animals of Cikananga is welcome to bridge the period until we can open the doors again for visitors, hopefully in 2021. With this help we can buy daily nutrition and medical supplies for the animals and continue to pay for the salaries of the keepers and vet team.

Best regards,

Willemijn Eggen on behalf of the full Wanicare and Cikananga team.