Three Times a Lady Christmas fundraiser

20 Decemer 2020 – And here it is! The ‘Three Times a Lady’ Christmas show for Wanicare featuring music, the fabulous and hilarious Julie as well some highlights on Cikananga Wildlife Center and an item on the illegal animal trade. This year a corona proof, full video version of the yearly festive show, to raise attention for the animals and for you to sit back and enjoy Christmas 2020 with a smile.

On behalf of the 500 animals at Cikananga, we wish you a great Christmas and we look forward to meet you in 2021 again.



Sustainable farming to feed the rescued animals

16 November 2020 – The sustainable farm at Cikananga is now already producing about 4,5kg food for the animals. We are proud that this healthy food is provided to all kinds of species throughout the center! This new and growing initiative helps us to efficiently provide food to the 500 animals at Cikananga, who depend on a healthy diet for their wellbeing.

Do you want to help out this new program, or are just interested in how the sustainability program is developing, please let us know while there is a special newsletter dedicated to this program available. More information at

We Announce the Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund

22 October 2020 – ANNOUNCEMENT – A part of the funds collected through the crowdfunding for the treatment of Arfah will be put towards the new Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund. This grant will provide once a year the opportunity for young Indonesian women working in conservation to apply for support for travel and general expenses to gain experience by following courses-trainings and/or conferences in Indonesia or abroad.

Arfah dedicated her life to nature conservation from an early age and worked for the Cikananga Foundation as our field biologist from 2014 to 2020. Over the past summer she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a battle that she lost in September of this year.

Besides working in the field Arfah always loved getting opportunities to learn and gain experience. She was happy with each opportunity and had been accepted for courses the last years, but finding enough funds to allow her to travel or pay all expenses was always a big challenge and sadly often not successful. Therefore we believe this Memorial Fund will be the perfect way to honour Arfah, because her memory will provide an opportunity for young women to learn and contribute to the conservation of Indonesia’s nature and wildlife.

The first call for applications will be in the second half of 2021, to give the team the opportunity to prepare all details such as application forms, selection procedure and evaluation.
Please follow us here for updates or contact us at

Importance of diets for primates

17 September 2020 – Lunch time for the primates at the Cikananga wildlife center! Healthy food is very important to stay fit, in the wild but certainly so in the rescue center. At Cikananga we provide nutritious diets that include many fruits, leaves, vegetables and if required additional supplements to keep them healthy. Food is also an important enrichment tool that we for example provide packed in bamboo or a simple carton. Also we keep up the variety so they will never get bored, eat a proper meal and stay creative in finding food for once they return to the wild! This month we received a large donation of fresh food from a friendly supporter from Sukabumi, thank you!

Do you want to support these primates? Contact us at info at or donate at our website.


In loving memory – Arfah Nasution

7 September 2020 – Today we received the devastating news that our beloved friend and field biologist, Arfah Nasution passed away earlier this morning. Although she was only 29 years old, she was a true conservationist who dedicated her life to preserve nature.

At Cikananga we will remember her as an incredibly loving colleague and friend, with an outstanding passion to make a difference. For five years she has been part of the Cikananga community, as a softly spoken, loving character and talented biologist, that cared about life, nature, the animals, and people around her.  For her friends of the Cikananga & Wanicare team, Arfah stole our heart and will be missed dearly.
It was only weeks ago when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the great help from many of our followers meant a lot to Arfah and her family. We want to thank everyone for their support, although we only know now that she could not win this fight.
Foremost we want to express our condolences to the family and Arfah’s friends at home in Sumatra.
Although her life was way too short, she made an amazing difference for the world with the limited time she got.

The Cikananga Sustainability Project Starts

26 June 2020 – Last week we started a new Cikananga sustainability project: Help us to kick start it! Our sustainability project will focus on: Food production, land management and water access. These three areas of focus form a multi phase project, involving an on site composting facility, food production, tree nursery – including fruit trees and a well water improvement program. In this last two months we started to improve our on site sustainability project and improve our compost building again! Currently, financial support is essential for us to kick start this sustainability project, especially the food production project, which will provide food for our 500 animals in our care and helps Cikananga to be more independent while minimizing our footprint. This on-site food production has the potential to be both financially and socially benefit for us, as well as the community around us. Check it out here on Gogetfunding for Cikananga Sustainability Project.

Any questions of support are welcome. Please contact us through


Update on the Corona fundraiser

29 May 2020 – THANK YOU! We have reached our goal of 2800 Euro on the ‘Help Cikananga in Corona Crisis as new Rescued Animals Arrive’ campaign! Actually we even have collected a bit more, 2855 Euro!

We want to thank everyone who has donated! Thanks to you we can continue our work to help rescued animals, even in difficult times like these.

On behalf of the 500 animals at #Cikananga: Many Many Thanks to you all!

A link to the campaign can be found here as any support is of course still welcome to bridge the #Corona period:…/…

Seeking for Emergency Funding as Corona (CoVid-19) hits Cikananga

30 March 2020 – As a result of the developing Corona crisis we are looking for help through this GoGetFunding campaign. Currently a substantial source of income has quickly reduced to zero as we needed to close Cikananga from visitors such as interns and volunteers. This income has helped Cikananga in the past to pay for the daily animal care such as food and basic medication. In addition we rescued new animals that are in need.

Please let us know if you want to help or follow the link to the GoGetFunding Campaign of Cikananga & Wanicare Foundation .

If there are any questions or ideas to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


RESCUE – Birds on their way to Cikanaga

26 March 2020 – As we speak 60 birds are rescued to Cikananga Wildlife Center after confiscation, being a wide selection from the a illegal trader including Cassowaries, different parrots and Cockatoos species and many more. This huge inflow comes during challenging times as Cikananga is also facing substantial impact from the developing Corona crisis. Currently a substantial source of income has quickly reduced to zero as we needed to close Cikananga from visitors such as interns and volunteers.

Any support for Cikananga is welcome so we can help these birds and the many other animals in our care. More updates to follow.

Volunteers & Interns Meetup July 2020 in NL

19 March 2020 – Een oproep aan alle Nederlandse Cikananga Wildlife Center vrijwilligers & stagiaires! (Dutch speaking)

Het lijkt ons een leuk idee om in de zomer (22 of 23 juli 2020) een Meetup te organiseren. Zodat wij jullie weer kunnen zien, en jullie elkaar! Tijdens de reünie zullen we ook aandacht besteden Wanicare in Nederland, hier hebben we jullie hulp voor nodig. Wil je erbij zijn vul dan je gegevens in via de onderstaande link. Kun je op die data helaas niet aanwezig zijn maar wil je wel betrokken zijn bij de nieuwe ontwikkelingen van Wanicare in Nederland? Vul dan alsnog het contactgegeven formulier en dan houden we je op de hoogte!

Aan de hand van het aantal aanmeldingen gaan we een centrale locatie bepalen.

We hopen jullie allemaal te zien tijdens te reünie !

Zie het aanmeldformulier in deze link: