We celebrate UN World Wildlife Day

3 March 2020 – Wanicare & Cikananga are celebrating #worldwildlifeday 2020! For the many animals in our care, mostly victims of the ongoing and horrendous wildlife trade we work together with many other organisation around the globe to be part of the he theme of World Wildlife Day 2020, namely “Sustaining all life on earth”.

This encompasses all wild animal and plant species as a component of biodiversity as well as the livelihoods of people, especially those who live closest to the nature. It also underlines the importance of sustainable use of natural resources in support of the achievement of the #UnitedNations Sustainable Development Goals #SDG.

Rescue of Javan Langur to Cikananga

13 February 2020 – A female Javan Langur was rescued to Cikananga after it was found around human settlements approaching people. This individual is skinny and has scars from being on a chain around the waist and therefore we believe she escaped from the previous “owner”. Sadly we observed an extreme response her when our keepers hold a long items such as an broom during cleaning of the enclosures, indicating it has traumatic experiences and quite possibly was mistreated.

We will now do our best to make it settle in and let it recover physically and mentally.

The Annual 2020 Wanicare Update & Fundraiser

27 January 2020 – We want to thank all visitors of the 2020 Wanicare Fundraiser & Year Update. During the festive afternoon Wanicare Founder Willemijn Eggen shared an extensive overview of last year and an update on the ambitions for 2020.

In summary last year was intense with many rescue efforts, some incredible releases, new partnerships and sponsors and some fantastic improvements to the Cikananga Widlife Center as we managed to built new enclosures, improved existing existing housing and again invested in the medical support. For 2020 we work with existing partners and sponsors, as well we are to share we welcome new partner to realize our work. As such we will develop the Hornbill Release Project, our Save the Javan Leopard project, the Raptor Project and intensify the efforts for Gibbons and much, much more. This year we are on a mission to release many animals and we hope to provide proper care and a home to wildlife in need.


Willemijn Eggen, Founder of Wanicare, presenting the 2020 update

Do you also want to help us? Please contact us or donate right away through the donate button. Any help is welcome to help the animals that are victim of the wildlife trade and who are loosing their habitats. If you want to receive the presentation with all updates please reach out to

Besides the visitor we want to thank ‘Ellen & Adri Onderweg’ for their great musical intermezzo!

Wanicare Fundraiser concert next January 26th.

30 December 2019 – Dutch Only – Beste Wanicare relatie,

Jullie zijn allemaal welkom voor ons jaarlijkse benefiet concert in Balkbrug! Kom je ook voor de jaarlijkse update over het werk in Indonesië van Willemijn, een schitterend concert van ‘Ellen & Adri Onderweg’ en een fijne borrel?

26 Januari, inloop om 14:30.

Stichting Wanicare
Den Huizen 6
7707 PL Balkbrug

Aanmelden via mail of Facebook wordt op prijs gesteld. Tot 26 Januari!

Javan Leopard cub update

24 December 2019 – Remember Rasi, the javan Leopard cub we rescued a couple of months ago ? He grew up to be big and healthy now! This footage caught by our camera trap to monitor his condition. His enclosure is designed to minimize his contact with human so we can only see him through camera trap footage like this. This is so that he can maintain his wild behavior and increase his chance of release to his natural habitat in the future.

In memory of our dearest friend and colleague – Pak Alen

12 December 2019 -We are incredibly saddened as Pak Alen suddenly passed away yesterday. As a father figure to all of us and working at Cikananga since the very start, Pak Alen was a key pillar for the center and the community around it. Pak Alen combined amazing kindness, humor, humbleness with phenomenal knowledge about animals. It made Pak Alen an admirable and respected man, who will be missed dearly by the Cikananga team, the animals in the center and the many people around him and his family.

We want to express our deepest condolences to the family of Pak Alen, to his wife, his children and his grandchildren where he always spoke about in the most loving way.

Cikananga will not be the same now we need to do without you.

Quarantine roofs collapsed, we are in need of emergency funding

9 December 2019 – Two roofs of our quarantines building collapsed as heavy rain hit Cikananga last week and we are looking for an emergency fund to repair the roofs soon and shelter the animals. Although rust forming was visible, we were unaware that the roof structures weakened to the point they collapsed largely last week. Therefor we needed to evacuate all animals inside the quarantines as the structure is instable and could collapse completely very soon. As a result, our two remaining quarantine buildings are now completely overcrowded with recently arrived animals that are in a vulnerable situation. This will become a large problem as we still need to receive animals from confiscations soon.
Please find a link to the fundraising page or donate through our PayPal Account or donate through our Bank account:
IBAN: NL65ABNA0515544981BIC: ABNANL2A – ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, ‘Stichting Wanicare’.
As NGO’s the Cikananga Foundation & Wanicare Foundation care for over 500 wild animals in Cikananga, West Java Indonesia, who largely come from the illegal trade. In 2019 we have rescued a total of 139 individuals. It is critical we continue this work, but without quarantine buildings this will not be possible.
The quarantines are vital facilities where newly rescued animals are housed awaiting medical health check results. Here our medical staff can keep an extra close eye on animals after stressful transportations as they are often overcoming medical issues after arrival. Moving animals anywhere else in the rescue center is very hazardous due contamination risks and unavailability of proper enclosures as rescue operations are hard to plan and unpredictable to match with the required capacity.
To repair these vital quarantine buildings we will need to completely rebuild the skeleton frame of the roof, as most of the iron in place is damaged. For this renovation we will only use long-lasting high-quality materials and in addition we will improve the frame to make the structure stronger. Your help will enable proper shelter for rescued animals for the coming 50 years!
On behalf of the animals in Cikananga we ask for your help! Through this crowdfunding we aim to receive enough funds to complete one roof, but of course hope you all bring us even further than that. Every donation small or big is valuable to us while it will bring us closer to the goal of continuing our work.


IAR visits and supports Cikananga for X-Ray exams

24 November 2019 – Last week received a team of IAR Indonesia including veterinarian specialists who brought their mobile X-ray machine to examine a larger selection of animals at Cikananga. For many of the animals it was a confirmation they were healthy without any internal defects, but some animals require treatment as a result of these examinations. We are very pleased to cooperate with IAR to make sure we provide the best possible care for the animals in Cikananga.



Usually we only have the option to bring animals to a local hospital for urgent X-ray examinations, but hopefully we can extent our clinic with a X-ray machine in the future. Any help to support our clinic facilities are welcome, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to know more or want to support. Of course, we want to express our gratitude to IAR Indonesia Team for their help!

Interns and Volunteers participate in Wildlife team work

14 October 2019 – Every week we organize Teamwork to get the BIG things done in Cikananga! And this week the complete staff, interns and volunteers work on the Crocodile pools and Binturong enclosures. Working in a big group make these big projects much easier, an even better place for the rescued animals and definitely much more fun!


Want to know more about our wildlife volunteering or student program? Please visit the page about our internship possibilities and the volunteering program.  Local and international wildlife volunteers and students from different fields participate at the Cikananga Wildlife Center to do meaningful work for rescued animals on Java in Indonesia.


#CikanangaStory – Meeting Femi and Rosie at SOCP!

11 September 2019 – In October 2018, Cikananga Wildlife Center said goodbye to the two beautiful young female orangutans, Femi and Rosie. At the time they were ready for the next step towards freedom in their natural habitat in Sumatra – by Rere Faradina Puspita.

Rosie and Femi arrived in 2016 at Cikananga, after been rescued from the traumatic illegal wildlife trade, where Rosie was even found in a post package! At Cikananga we tried to compensate this terrible experience after they arrived. We put much time in enabling Femi and Rosie to learn wild survival skills as much as possible at their young age. So multiple times per day they were outside, with the Cikananga vet or Hanneke, where they learned to climb, find food and stay physically fit.

But our greatest wish was to translocate the two young orangutans to a specialized center called SOCP, what happened now a year ago. Now nearly a year later, we receive really good news that they are moved to the next step : They have been transferred the SOCP Orangutan Reintroduction Center in Jambi, managed by SOCP’s partner, the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

It is a semi wild reintroduction center that focusses on the rehabilitation of different orangutan candidates for release until they can be fully released to the wild.  Giving Rosie and Femi a chance to go back to the wild is one of the main reasons why we work so hard to help Indonesian wild animals at Cikananga.

Hanneke was the primary caretaker of Femi and Rosie for more than two years at the Cikananga Wildlife Center. She finally got the chance to fly to Sumatra and visit the two young orangutans in the new environment. After the Jakarta-Jambi flight, she had to continue her journey by car for 5 hours to get to the reintroduction center where Femi and Rosie are today.  Arriving in the afternoon, Hanneke was just in time to see the last feeding of the orangutans for that day. Welcomed by the staffs, keepers, and veterinarians, she was invited to join them on the feeding.

Suddenly, there was something different from one of the orangutans. One of them made a loud happy noise when Hanneke and the group arrive on site. Of course, that was Rosie! Femi also moved a bit closer and showed interest to Hanneke by stretching her hand. After taking care of them for more than two years, the orangutans clearly still remember her. It was a very emotional and happy moment for both Hanneke and the two orangutans. Even today Hanneke still has no words to explain what she felt at that time. All the exhaustion of the long trip dissapeared and turned into happiness. It was a really happy afternoon in the Reintroduction Center.


Both orangutans are doing really well and are healthy. Femi looks a lot more mature and larger compared to the time she left Cikananga, while Rosie is still the same old Rosie: Always happy, playful and still looking great! They are not in the same enclosure anymore because Femi is already a candidate for release, probably sooner than Rosie who needs a bit more time rehabilitating. Femi is placed with two young male orangutans. While Rosie still needs to go through some extra steps for rehabilitation it is expected she can be released to the wild as well. Rosie now lives in a enclosure shared with three other young orangutans, including Cice, her new best friend.

Hanneke returned to Cikananga after meeting both Femi and Rosie. She spent one night there before here return to Java the next day. At the time she could’t wait to share this amazing experience with all the people in Cikananga Wildlife Center who look forward to hearing about the lovely Femi and Rosie. She hopes both of them can soon be released to the wild and live happily there. She is very thankful for the opportunity to visit the girls again!