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Looking for a new Volunteer Coordinator at Cikananga

10 November 2023 – At the Cikananga Wildlife Center, we are looking for a full-time Volunteer Coordinator to run the volunteer/internship program. We are interested in someone willing to make a significant commitment to the development of the program. The volunteer coordinator will work closely with Cikananga staff (Managers, Medical team, Animal Keepers), and Volunteer […]

Rebuilding our website with Kruso

31 October 2023 – We are very excited about our new Wanicare Foundation project. This time no release back to the wild, no new incoming rescued wildlife, and no news from the clinic in Cikananga. This time we work with the digital agency Kruso to create the most sustainable website in the Netherlands, as this […]

Cikananga organic farm is expanding

13 July 2023 – A Cikananga Sustainability Program Update: In January 2023 we expanded the available production area by 1.29 acres, almost doubling in size to feed the #animalsofcikananga with even more healthy and organic food. This new section consists of 5 blocks, each roughly 30 x 30 meters. Four of these blocks have been […]

Fondation Brigitte Bardot supporting Cikananga

13 June 2023 – As we operate as a multi-species rescue center, Cikananga requires a large variety of food, supplements, and medicine to be sourced daily, we need to offer specialized hands-on care for over 70 different species and maintain a large variety of enclosures types to make sure all the animals are doing well […]

Release of Javan leopard Wahyu

25 May 2023 – Earlier this week Javan Leopard Wayhu was released at Mount Halimun-Salak National Park under the coordination of MoeF (KKHSG), BBKSDA West Java, and Mount Halimun-Salak National Park. Wahyu arrived at Cikananga 2017, and the great care of the Cikananga team helped him to get ready for a return to the wild. […]

Jobs at Cikananga: Conservation Manager

28 March 2023 – We are seeking an experienced Conservation Manager to manage our field programs. Please email your CV and motivation letter, to the following email address: cikanangawildlifecenter@gmail.com or info@wanicare.com before 31st of May 2023! Please find the job description here: Cikananga Wildlife Center _ Conservation_Manager_Job_Desc_ DF _ 2023  

2022 video update with plans ahead for Wanicare & Cikananga

21 February 2023 – Willemijn talks you through all the latest changes, projects, animal updates, new enclosures, new team members, the restarted volunteer & internship program, and plans for the coming year at the Cikananga Wildlife Center in Java, Indonesia. 2022 has been a great year as we are finally back to (the new) normal with […]

Live on Radio1

Vandaag op Radio 1 om 13:00: Willemijn Eggen & Inge Tielen over de Javaanse Luipaarden, het Cikananga Wildlife Center en de recente vrijlatingen. Deze post updaten we zo snel mogelijk met het item. Wil je ons werk helpen mogelijk maken? Kijk dan hier, want we kunnen alle hulp gebruiken voor de bijna 500 dieren het […]

Join us tomorrow for the annual Wanicare year update

7 January 2023 – Dutch only: Morgen is het weer zover, loop gerust binnen voor de jaarlijkse update door Willemijn Eggen over Wanicare, de ontwikkelingen in en rond Cikananga voor alle volgers, sponsors en vrienden van Wanicare. Met een borrel na de tijd! Zondag 8 januari, 15:00 te Den Huizen 6 in Balkburg.

Dutch newspaper Trouw interviews Willemijn and Inge on Javan Leopards

6 January 2023 –  In Today’s Dutch newspaper Trouw Willemijn Eggen and Inge Tielen are interviewed on the recent developments of the endangered Javan Leopards in Cikananga and the recent and pretty groundbreaking release of Javan leopard Rasi.  Find a link to the digital edition here: Trouw on Javan Leopards