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Mongabay on Cikananga’s & Wanicare’s conservation efforts

7 January 2019 – Mongabay publishes a article about the conservation efforts of Cikananga and Wanicare. Staff member and Inge Tielen comments on rescue efforts of  yellow-crested cockatoo’s and other birds who were rescued to Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center in the past. The Mongabay article can be found here:  Indonesia confiscated some 200 pet cockatoos. What happened to […]

10 Years Wanicare Celebration Concert!

6 January 2019 – We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary! For all our Dutch followers: In 2019 bestaat Wanicare 10 jaar! Dit willen we vieren tijdens het jaarlijkse benefiet concert. Naast een schitterend concert van Laura Kits en Hubert Eggen willen we dit jaar het 10-jarig jubileum van Wanicare vieren met een terugblik naar […]

Cockatoos stolen from Cikananga

17 December 2019 – Last Thursday morning our team was shocked and saddened to find out that one pair of palm cockatoos were stolen in the night of Wednesday 12 December. Traces indicate that criminals broke into the back of the gated rescue center grounds and moved their way into the middle of the center using […]

New enclosure for young primates ready!

3 December 2018 – Amazing news! The newest enclosure in Cikananga is one we hope to realize already a very long time. As many young primates become victim of illegal trade, they are rescued into our care. But as these young primates need care around the clock, we had no other option than to put […]

We are hiring: Animal Welfare Manager in Cikananga

13 November 2018 – Cikananga offers an exciting and unique opportunity for a Welfare Manager of Cikananga Wildlife Center to join a passionate team! Are you a highly motived and have substantial experience in working with wildlife and capabilities to supervise and organize independently? Please let us know! Find the job opening here  –> WELFARE MANAGER […]

Presquet’s Parrot in Cikananga

5 November 2018 – A native to the Montane Forests of Papua, they are a highly specialized frugivore- meaning the have evolved a special beak to eat mostly various types of fruit.  As you can see ‘Angry Bird’ just loves his morning papaya! Sadly, like all our birds at Cikananga, he was illegally caught from […]

Rosie and Femi arrived at SOCP!

16 October 2018 – Escorted by (also) our staff, Femi and Rosi arrived at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) For Rosie and Femi a new chapter starts here, as they will be introduced into a group of similar aged orangutans. Here they can grow up and maybe in the future, they can find a new […]

Femi and Rosie start their journey home!

15 October 2018 – Their journey has finally started! At the moment Rosi and Femi are on the way to Jakarta airport. Tomorrow early morning they will fly with Sriwijaya Air to Medan Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP). Many thanks to the amazing help of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) and the forestry department. Follow […]