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Today in #AnimalsofCikananga, Clouded Leopard Captain

1 August 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga, Clouded Leopard (Neofelis diardi) Captain, IUCN: Vulnerably Threatened As part of a huge confiscation in late November 2015 Captain arrived as a young cub of about 3 months old. The only explanation is that the young Captain was poached from the wild, under the eyes of the mother since […]

Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Siamang Black

28 July 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Black, Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus) IUCN: Threatened Siamang Black was handed over from a private zoo, and it was horrible and sad sight when he arrived in Cikananga: With his body completely covered in scabies the itch was so overwhelming he had no nails to scratch anymore. Also his canines […]

The dodo’s video about Dancing Macaques

27 Juli 2017 – The dodo shared a video about dancing Macaques on the streets of Jakarta. In the past years many of them spend time with us in Cikananga to socialize and rehabilitate after years of horrible suffering. We are very happy with the work Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) to ban the “Topeng […]

Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Amazing

26 July 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Amazing, Sunda slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) IUCN: Vulnerable and also in Cikananaga: Javan Slow Lorises (Nycticebus javanicus) IUCN: Critically Endangered There are many Slow lorrises in Cikanaga from Java and Sumatra. In the last years large numbers arrived in Cikananga, and often the scenes were very disturbing: Boxes full […]

Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Gerald, Indian Muntjak

22 July 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Gerald, Indian Muntjak, (Muntiacus muntjak) IUCN: Least concerned     Also known as the Red Muntjak or the Barking Deer this individual, Gerald arrived in 2015. Not much in know about his background but the good thing is that we know more about his future, and that’s maybe […]

Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Foo-foo, Western Tarsier

Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Foo-foo, a Western Tarsier (Cephalopachus bancanus) IUCN status: Vunerable Arguably one of the most exceptional looking animals in Cikananga, the Western Tarsiers (also known as Horsfield’s Tarsier) are not exceptional in the illegal trade. As they are very delicate not many survive the stress of being poached, handled by humans and all the […]

Photo update Leopard Enclosure

17 Juli 2017 – A snap shot of the Leopard Rehabilitation enclosure we are building with in partnership with FOUR PAWS. After the Idul Fitri national holiday the work is resumed and we are very happy to see the development of the huge spacious enclosures! #SavetheJavanLeopard

Animals of Cikananga: Femi, Sumatran orang-utan

16 July 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Femi, Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelii) IUCN status: Critically Endangered Femi was caught from the wild before she was 6 months old, most likely her mother was shot in front of her eyes. We can be pretty sure about this considering young Orang-utans stay directly with the mother at this […]

Animals of Cikananga: Mini, Crested serpent eagle

14 July 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Mini, Crested serpent eagle (Slipornis cheela) IUCN status: Not-threatened Straight form the trade: Mini is a very vocal Eagle that was probably taken from the nest by poachers. It’s a type of habituated behaviour that we see with a lot of animals from the trade after there was human […]

The #animalsofCikananga photo series starts

12 July 2017 – In the coming weeks we are sharing pictures in a series we call #AnimalsofCikananga. With this photo’s we hope to give some insight and backgrounds on the rescued animals that are here in Cikananga and are so typical for the many challenges wild animals face in Indonesia. Please follow our Facebook page or […]