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A generous “wedding gift” for Wanicare and Brooke Hospital

Last September two very supporting sponsors of Wanicare were married in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Juus and Conny decided not to ask their guests for wedding presents but for donations for two charities. We are very happy and thankful to receive a generous €500! We would also like the thank Strandpaviljoen De Haven van Renesse as […]

Act for Nature Foundation helps our Leopards

Many thanks to Peggy Kohler of the Act for Nature Foundation now they are helping our Leopards with a full year of fish. It’s amazing!                     Want to know more? Check our socialmedia pages Facebook and Instagram Want to be a volunteer  or do a internship at Cikananga? […]

Building new enclosures for the Cikananga Raptor Program

7 november 2016 – Now that the large rehabilitation cages are fixed from the storm damage and the recovery cages construction is finished another construction project started here in Cikananga. This block is built at the location where we first prepared individuals for the large rehabilitation cages. And this new block includes four similar cages […]

Update on baby Siamang Amank

30 October 2016 – Baby Siamang Amank is doing pretty well, his first medical checks are OK, although next week we will have to take X-rays to check for possible fractures. He is drinking and eating well and today he was climbing outside at our the clinic playground all by himself.   Want to know […]

Another Siamang Rescue: Ruby

28 october 2016 – After a long drive we picked up Siamang Ruby from the marshals of the Forestry department. They confiscated her a day before from an illegal mini-zoo located in a mall. Ruby is a full grown female, she is very tired, stressed and seems overly sad. We will keep you updated. If […]

Siamang rescue: Amank arrived at Cikananga

19 October 2016 – Today we received baby Siamang Amank. He was handed over from Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) who rescued Amank from a trader who tried to sell him as a pet. He is clearly traumatized and dehydrated but luckily drinking and eating well. We are going to take care of him and we […]

Medical exam of Sun Bear Ben-Ben

17 October 2016 – Today we performed a medical exam on Sun bear Ben-Ben. Hopefully Ben-Ben can get transferred soon to OFI-Bears for further rehabilitation. Ben-Ben is currently doing fine and seems healthy. Blood analysis we give us more information in the coming days.             Want to know more!? Follow […]

Cockatoo Yadi is doing better after 2 weeks in Cikananga

14 October 2016 – We happy to share that Cockatoo Yadi is very reasonable shape after his rescue of 2 weeks ago, although he is suffering from an old fracture in his wing. The wound is healing (the blue spot is the antibiotic wound spray) and next Monday we will perform the remaining medical checks. […]

Photo update: 5 newly arrived Macaques

11 October 2016 – All 5 macaques that arrived last week were habituated as a result of to much interaction with humans. Therefor they won’t able to return to the wild, but of course we are going to make a great home for them!             —

Maqacues releases

27 September 2016 – Today five new resident macaques arrived at Cikananga and soon we will introduce these happy individuals to you! But more important is that due to the great work of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) two groups with a total of 25 macaques are now on their way to freedom! Three months […]