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New slowlorises enclosure

Nature & Science programs of NHK enterprises from Japan is in Cikananga Wildlife Center right now to make a documentary on our slowlorises. Great to see the attention! They also supported us with a new slowlorises enclosure, where we of course are very thankful for!  


Dennis is a baby orangutan who was confiscated on February 21 2015 from an illegal trader by JAAN. Dennis was torn away from the arms of his mother in sumatran forests and most probably his mother was brutally killed by palm oil workers. Normally, Dennis would still be loved and cared for by his mother […]

Big confiscation in Bandung!

Wanicare 2015-02-21 Confiscation (03)

On Saturday 21 February 2015 a big confiscation took place in Bandung. The wildlife trader who was kept in the loop since a while by the wildlife crime unit team consisting of the National Police Unit and sisterorganizations COP & JAAN which resulted In the succesfull confiscation of many individual animals belonging to 14 different […]