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Welcoming UKF students at Cikananga

28 September 2021 – In September we were pleased to welcome Uni Konservasi Fauna to Cikananga Wildlife Center. UKF is a student group from IPB University with a focus on wildlife conservation which aims to enhance the skills of their members in preparation for their pursuit of careers in conservation. Over the course of a […]

We celebrate 20 years of Cikanaga!

1 August 2021 – This month we celebrate 20 years of Cikananga! This remarkable anniversary is celebrated where Wanicare has joined the development of the rescue center already 12 years ago. But we want you to join in the celebrations, so in August we will share many updates on important milestones, memories and challenges throughout […]

Ciremai release postponed due to Covid

06 July 2021 – This is Darwin, he was confiscated in september 2018. On arrival his wing feathers were covered with a gum or glue, indicating he might have been captured from the wild. His behavior indicates the same, therefore we are very happy he will soon be translocated to Ciremai for release. However a bit […]

Release preperations for Eagles in Ciremai

28 June 2021 – Release preparations! The Cikananga Team is in Gunung Ciremai to assist with the construction of habituation cages. This coming week 4 eagles will be translocated to the release site and will be released after habituation on site. More information soon.

Support the return of our Cockatoos

Celebrate with us World Parrot Day by helping us realize the translocation of 9 parrots! In the last years Cikananga has been receiving parrots more frequently and at the moment we house a total of 121 parrots of 20 different species, originating from about 10 different islands throughout Indonesia. An amount which is challenging to […]

Orangutan Femi RELEASED

15 March 2021 – Amazing news from our friends at The Orangutan Project on Sumatra! We are incredibly happy to share this. Last week they finally announced what we already knew a little earlier. We are so excited that the hard work at Cikananga, even after the precarious situation as a traumatized, young orangutan has […]

A video message from Willemijn Eggen

10 March 2021 – Dear Wanicare & Cikananga supporters, Instead of a paper year update about our work we would like you to show how things are going through a short video. See below a YouTube link with a short 2020 overview of Wanicare & Cikananga. It includes a short introduction of myself followed by […]

Help us help endangered Slow lorises

18 February 2021 – Most of the Slow lorises in Cikananga are coming directly from the trade or are found at illegal owners who believe they make good pets. But the opposite is true, these nocturnal primates are in need of very specific diets, are poisonous when thevly bite and are very sensitive to stress. Even […]

Conservation education for students continue online

4 February 2021 – Conservation education continues online: This time Wanicare founder Willemijn Eggen explains the what happens on a daily basis at Cikananga, with Inge Tielen attending live from the rescue center. Together they teach students from Helicon Velp in the Netherlands in a series of classes on the importance of conservation, rescue operations […]

BREAKING: Cikananga called to confiscation of 184 birds

14 January 2021 – Today Cikananga was called to a confiscation of 184 birds, among them are different protected cockatoo and parrots species. A collaboration of different local police and other governmental authorities revealed these animals at an illegal wildlife trader in the Sukabumi regency. This resulted in a busy day preparing cages for new […]