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Rescue operations for Leaf Monkey and Snake

29 August 2018 – Today was a long day for us. Our rescue team went to two places to rescue a Reticulate Python and a Javan Leaf Monkey. The python was trapped in the hydropower dam. The local people were afraid it will get stuck in the dynamo and decided to rescue it. The leaf monkey […]

We are looking for a Enrichment Coordinator

12 August 2018 – An exciting and challenging opportunity has become available at Cikananga Wildlife Center (CWC), as we are looking for an Enrichment Coordinator. We are looking for someone who will help refine and lead the enrichment program for our animals for a minimum period of 6 months. Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center takes care […]

Rehabilitation enclosure is rebuild after the storm

12 August 2018 – Remember the dome enclosure that was crushed after the storm last year? Look at this! With the great help of Orang Utan Help Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l we rebuild it, even bigger and better! Soon the first Eagles of the Cikananga Raptor Program will move in.

Enrichment by wildlife volunteers for the otters

10 August 2018 – Our program for enrichment keeps all animals busy, physically and mentally. Today the otters were surprised by the wildlife volunteers with a floating raft… All the animals in the rescue center get regularly different kinds of enrichment, made by the volunteers or wildlife interns under the supervision of our keepers. Want to […]

International Clouded Leopard Day is here!

August 4 2018 – Today is the first ever International Clouded Leopard Day- so we are going to bombard you with some amazing Quick Facts about Clouded Leopards! Clouded Leopards have some amazing adaptations that make them unique even among their closest big cat relatives! – They have exceptionally elongated canine teeth in relation to skull […]

First International Clouded Leopard Day II

3 August 2018 – Only one day before International Clouded Leopard Day! Not many people know but there is actually two species of Clouded Leopards!  Neofelis nebulosa are found from the foothills of Nepal, across to China, and all the way down South in to Thailand and Malaysia!  Neofelis diardi is found only on Sumatra and Borneo! Whilst very […]

The first Clouded Leopard day is coming up!

1 August 2018 – For the first time, institutions and people around the world are celebrating International Clouded Leopard Day on August 4th 2018! Two Zookeepers from Howlett’s Wild Animal Park, and the Aspinall Foundation in Kent, United Kingdom, started this initiative to introduce the world to these amazing but little-known and endangered cats! Not many people know […]

Confiscation on bird-market

18 July 2018 – Not only eagles were confiscates, the police confiscate also eleven sunbirds from the market last week and they were brought to us yesterday. Sadly some of the sunbirds did not survive the journey and the remaining are still recovering from their ordeal. We are working hard to help the remaining birds […]

Release: Owls fly to freedom

14 July 2018 – Great news for the owls that arrived months earlier with us in Cikananga, they will have a soft release which enables us to check on them easier and the night camera keeps track of them…

Rescue of endangered slow loris in our clinic

7 July 2018 – A recent arrival, a Javan Slow loris. Critically endangered and find often in the illegal trade. This individual spends the first weeks in clinic for observation closely monitored by our vets. And hopefully a release back to wild is possible… Interested in volunteering work in the rescue center or internships for […]