Help us during Corona

Cikananga Wildlife Center & Wanicare are struggling as a result of the Corona crisis ever since the virus spreads in Indonesia from March – April 2020. As such a substantial source of income has quickly reduced to zero as we needed to close Cikananga from visitors such as interns and volunteers. This income has helped Cikananga in the past to pay for the daily animal care such as food and basic medication.

Now we are in a situation where we need to use our limited savings to feed almost 500 animals in our care. These animals, varying from bears to many bird species and primates such as orang-utans and many more are in need of your help.

On top of this difficult situation confiscations are on-going, while all releases and trans locations are suspended. This means that the total number of animals has been growing since the start of the corona crisis. We are working around the clock to make sure that these animals properly are housed and get the required care, next to the care for all the existing animals at Cikananga.

The current financial income to feed and care for the almost 500 animals that we are missing is equal to the usual income we generate through the now stopped volunteer & internship program, which is approximately 2800 Euro / 3300 US dollar per month.

In the first months of the corona crisis we received a lot of support, but still this is not enough to cover towards the end of the year. With only new visitors expected after the first months of 2021, we hope we can convince you to donate to help the animals of Cikananga & Wanicare.

Thank you for helping, all the information to donate can be found on our donation page. Donations can be made though direct bank transfer and PayPal. For any questions on how to support us, don’t hesitate please contact us.

Best regards on behalf of the animals at Cikananga, stay safe,

Willemijn Eggen
Founder of the Wanicare Foundation