Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Pino, yellow-crested cockatoo

5 August 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Pino, yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea) IUCN: Critically Endangered

Cockatoo wanicare 2017 II
Easily confused with the larger sulphur-crested cockatoo, this species looks similar but is quite a bit smaller. Also, the yellow-crested cockatoo is in contrast to the sulphur-crested Critically endangered with estimated less than 7000. That’s hardly any wonder, considering there was a legal export of more than 100.000 in the 1980’s: The number of individuals in the wild declined dramatically and even today the illegal trade in this species is still going strong: Like the case of Pino who arrived in 2016. As Pino is very socialized after a life with much human interaction, a return to the wild is impossible as for many of the birds in Cikananga. But a volunteer started a little crowdfunding for a new, larger outside enclosure. Want to help as well? Follow this link as it’s the last week for the crowdfunding and we still a bit more to complete the enclosure!
In the July and August of this year we share a series of photo’s we call #AnimalsofCikananga. With this series we hope to give some insights and backgrounds on the rescued animals that are here in Cikananga and are so typical for the many challenges wild animals face in Indonesia.
Of course, we also hope to raise some extra attention to the work we do for the animals, the –very often- tragic situations and hope to find some help, financially or otherwise. Please like, share, tag and tell your friends, and help us save the wildlife.
Thanks! Marieke Tjebbes
Photo: Roel Jansen