Rescue operation from illegal trade: Massive inflow of animals in Cikananga!

8 December 2018 – In the past days we have been involved in 5 different rescue operations which include 73 animals that need to be housed in Cikananga and even more are on their way to Cikananga. Many were trafficked in horrible conditions, like the Peacocks in plastic bags packed up in a truck. But now they are relieved from the trauma in Cikananga.

Among them are 2 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo’s, 12 Crocodiles, 2 Ornate Lorikeet, 6 Blue Backed parrots, 45 Peacocks, 2 Red junglefows and 2 juvenile Wreated Hornbills. As we are working around the clock to give these animals a proper quarantine enclosure, we are desperate for help. Al help is welcome to make the best of the situation and provide these vulnerable animals suitable care they need. If you can help us, please donate.