2022 Year Update Video is here!

16 June 2022 – A video update about the last year and plan to come, from Willemijn and Inge, directly from the Cikananga Wildlife Center. Please take a look!

Link to 2022 Youtube Wanicare & Cikananga Video

A short word from Willemijn Eggen:

Also, this year Inge Tielen and I made a short update video to give an impression of how things are going in Cikananga and the plans for the coming period.

I finally went back to Cikananga earlier this year, and I saw how the team struggled through the difficult corona period. We would like to thank you very much for your support, without this support we absolutely cannot do our work, and we certainly would not have survived the past 2 difficult corona years while caring for so many animals, ongoing rescue activities, and a huge challenge as we could not receive any visitors which put a full stop on the volunteer and internship program.  This program has been instrumental in the past for extra hands to get work done, but also to create an ongoing small income stream that dried up in the past two years. With the many supporters around Cikananga & Wanicare, we have survived!

Fortunately, everything is slowly returning to a situation like before the corona crisis: With more volunteers, more releases, and again fantastic developments!

If you would like to make a contribution to make our work possible, you are very welcome on the account number below so that we can continue to build the team, release projects, medical care, and accommodation for the 450+ animals in Cikananga.

Best regards

Willemijn Eggen
Founder of the Wanicare Foundation