A new Gibbon enclosure at Cikananga on World Gibbon Day!

24 October 2021 – Today organizations around the world raise awareness for these fascinating apes.
We share with you the amazing news that earlier this month we were able to finish specialized facilities for gibbons at Cikananga with the help of ARCUS This to improve their condition and behavior which will significantly improve their chances for successful rehabilitation and preparation for release. Gibbon confiscations are sadly common, but sadly gibbons are released at a slower rate on most islands in Indonesia due to the long process to prepare them for the wild. Cikananga’s primate facilities were previously not appropriate to rewild or start the rehabilitation process for release.

And now we can!! Because these enclosures are built in an isolated location and the dimensions are to trigger natural behavior.

Please find a video on our social media channels: Wanicare Facebook and Wanicare Instagram

More info on our supporting partner Arcus: https://www.arcusfoundation.org/