A video message from Willemijn Eggen

10 March 2021 – Dear Wanicare & Cikananga supporters,

Instead of a paper year update about our work we would like you to show how things are going through a short video. See below a YouTube link with a short 2020 overview of Wanicare & Cikananga. It includes a short introduction of myself followed by the staff and animals in Cikananga!

Corona hits us hard, so it was a very difficult year and it still is. Also, for me personal it is difficult to see the Cikananga team struggling and working so hard, it makes me feel often powerless. Now it has already been over a year since I was in Cikananga. I hope boarders will open soon again.

I really hope this year I can go back to my beloved Cikananga and the team. In the meantime, my work consisted mainly of finding emergency funding for Cikananga to continue our fantastic and important work for the animals, and cover the basic operational necessary costs.

Foremost I would like to thank you for your support, without this support we would absolutely not have been able to continue last year. Now almost a year in Corona, extra support is still desperately needed for the almost 500 animals in Cikananga.

We are still in difficult times because of Corona. Due to the lack of visitors, we are missing structural income and more and more animals are in need of help. That while the team can’t rely on the support of the regular volunteers and interns.

We are working on different projects to generate structural financial support as well, like through the organic farming program and merchandise program, but it takes time to develop these programs and to create profits.

We hope that next year everything will be back to normal, and that we can welcome you again in Cikananga or meet elsewhere.

We hope you can continue supporting us. Any donation is welcome and very much needed to bridge the coming months. If there is a way to support us, please contact me or find our bank account numbers below for the many rescued animals in our care.

But now: Click here for the Wanicare Annual Review 2020 on YouTube.

Stay healthy and hopefully we will meet again soon.
If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Wanicare & Cikananga Team,

Willemijn Eggen

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