BREAKING: Cikananga called to confiscation of 184 birds

14 January 2021 – Today Cikananga was called to a confiscation of 184 birds, among them are different protected cockatoo and parrots species. A collaboration of different local police and other governmental authorities revealed these animals at an illegal wildlife trader in the Sukabumi regency.
This resulted in a busy day preparing cages for new arrivals at Cikananga. Tomorrow we will be taking a large number of these birds to Cikananga. We will try our very best to accommodate these birds in our quarantines and provide them with the required (medical) care on arrival.
As we anticipate on a large number animals in need of care, we want to reach out to our community to support us in the coming period.
If you want to help, please don’t hesitate as our budgets are already under great pressure as a result of the corona situation. Any donation is welcome to support these birds, please find our the donation page on this website of contact us at
Updates will follow soon.