Javan warty pigs rescued to Cikananga

29 July 2019 – In close cooperation with Chester Zoo led Javan Species Recovery Programme (JaSpeR) very recently two Javan warty pigs were rescue to Cikananga. As they were advertised for sale on Facebook the team was able to rescue them from illegal trading. The Javan warty pigs are classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List but are not nationally protected in Indonesia. Luckily efforts are made by Chester Zoo and the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre (CCBC) to prevent the extinction of this declining species following decades of trophy hunting and as they are used of dog-pig fight training.

The CCBC organisation at Cikananga (among other (critically) endangered species) breeds Java warty pigs and works on reintroductions at Baluran National Park in East Java. The two individuals are now placed in quiet corner of the centre to where they are now on supervision of the vet team in quarantine conditions. They are doing well. More information on the Javan warty pig efforts at CCBC and JaSpeR through this link on the Chester Zoo website.