Cikananga organic farm is expanding

13 July 2023 – A Cikananga Sustainability Program Update: In January 2023 we expanded the available production area by 1.29 acres, almost doubling in size to feed the #animalsofcikananga with even more healthy and organic food. This new section consists of 5 blocks, each roughly 30 x 30 meters. Four of these blocks have been cleared and shaped, with one currently being planted. We have constructed a greenhouse, farm outbuildings, a water tower, and most recently, a well to supply the farm with water, without impacting the needs of the animals at Cikananga.
In our greenhouse, we have seeded mustard greens, pak choy, salad greens, pumpkins, chilies, and corn.

Very soon Farm Area 3 should provide Cikananga with enough food to meet the Sustainability Programs goal of 5 tonnes every year, with additional produce to sell to local markets to create a helpful income stream for the daily Cikananga operations. The Sustainability Team is extremely thankful to our sponsor: Enduring Harvest who made this possible. To keep developing the #organic farm, we are always looking for additional supporters that are interested in accelerating innovative organic farm initiatives, don’t hesitate to reach out! And for #students and #volunteers: Don’t forget to check the website as we are looking for enthusiasts to join the organic farm project.

For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.