Quarantine roofs collapsed, we are in need of emergency funding

9 December 2019 – Two roofs of our quarantines building collapsed as heavy rain hit Cikananga last week and we are looking for an emergency fund to repair the roofs soon and shelter the animals. Although rust forming was visible, we were unaware that the roof structures weakened to the point they collapsed largely last week. Therefor we needed to evacuate all animals inside the quarantines as the structure is instable and could collapse completely very soon. As a result, our two remaining quarantine buildings are now completely overcrowded with recently arrived animals that are in a vulnerable situation. This will become a large problem as we still need to receive animals from confiscations soon.
Please find a link to the fundraising page or donate through our PayPal Account or donate through our Bank account:
IBAN: NL65ABNA0515544981BIC: ABNANL2A – ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, ‘Stichting Wanicare’.
As NGO’s the Cikananga Foundation & Wanicare Foundation care for over 500 wild animals in Cikananga, West Java Indonesia, who largely come from the illegal trade. In 2019 we have rescued a total of 139 individuals. It is critical we continue this work, but without quarantine buildings this will not be possible.
The quarantines are vital facilities where newly rescued animals are housed awaiting medical health check results. Here our medical staff can keep an extra close eye on animals after stressful transportations as they are often overcoming medical issues after arrival. Moving animals anywhere else in the rescue center is very hazardous due contamination risks and unavailability of proper enclosures as rescue operations are hard to plan and unpredictable to match with the required capacity.
To repair these vital quarantine buildings we will need to completely rebuild the skeleton frame of the roof, as most of the iron in place is damaged. For this renovation we will only use long-lasting high-quality materials and in addition we will improve the frame to make the structure stronger. Your help will enable proper shelter for rescued animals for the coming 50 years!
On behalf of the animals in Cikananga we ask for your help! Through this crowdfunding we aim to receive enough funds to complete one roof, but of course hope you all bring us even further than that. Every donation small or big is valuable to us while it will bring us closer to the goal of continuing our work.