Heavy storm hits Cikananga

2 December 2017 – As 2 cyclones are active near the south coast of Java, yesterday many trees fall down inside the center. First and most important: No animals got hurt. But one huge tree smashed the dome where one of the Javan Hawk Eagles was located. We were able to rescue the eagle directly after the storm to another facility. Sadly, this enclosure is completely ruined. On different locations in the center trees fell down as well, but luckily no one or any other facilities were hit.

Wanicare Cikananga Tree Help damage

Of course we can use all help to rebuild this enclosure, it was one of our better enclosures… Rebuilding cost will likely be at least 3000 to 4000 dollars, so if you If you like to help please contact us or find a donate button on our homepage (Paypal) or let us know if you know organisations or individuals who would like to help us.