IAR visits and supports Cikananga for X-Ray exams

24 November 2019 – Last week received a team of IAR Indonesia including veterinarian specialists who brought their mobile X-ray machine to examine a larger selection of animals at Cikananga. For many of the animals it was a confirmation they were healthy without any internal defects, but some animals require treatment as a result of these examinations. We are very pleased to cooperate with IAR to make sure we provide the best possible care for the animals in Cikananga.



Usually we only have the option to bring animals to a local hospital for urgent X-ray examinations, but hopefully we can extent our clinic with a X-ray machine in the future. Any help to support our clinic facilities are welcome, please donā€™t hesitate to reach out if you want to know more or want to support. Of course, we want to express our gratitude to IAR Indonesia Team for their help!