Rebuilding our website with Kruso

31 October 2023 – We are very excited about our new Wanicare Foundation project. This time no release back to the wild, no new incoming rescued wildlife, and no news from the clinic in Cikananga. This time we work with the digital agency Kruso to create the most sustainable website in the Netherlands, as this website is really up for renewal!

Our current website is very outdated, and we believe that every step we take as Wanicare should be a responsible, durable, and sustainable one to protect animals, people, and the planet. So, why not create this new website in the best possible way with minimal environmental impact?

First a big thank you to Kruso Netherlands for being incredibly helpful and generous. As a small foundation, we can only dream of getting this kind of support and expertise!

Keep an eye out for this website in the coming period, because it will be much better, and much more sustainable soon!

More information: The most sustainable website in the Netherlands based on 9 smart choices