The Annual 2020 Wanicare Update & Fundraiser

27 January 2020 – We want to thank all visitors of the 2020 Wanicare Fundraiser & Year Update. During the festive afternoon Wanicare Founder Willemijn Eggen shared an extensive overview of last year and an update on the ambitions for 2020.

In summary last year was intense with many rescue efforts, some incredible releases, new partnerships and sponsors and some fantastic improvements to the Cikananga Widlife Center as we managed to built new enclosures, improved existing existing housing and again invested in the medical support. For 2020 we work with existing partners and sponsors, as well we are to share we welcome new partner to realize our work. As such we will develop the Hornbill Release Project, our Save the Javan Leopard project, the Raptor Project and intensify the efforts for Gibbons and much, much more. This year we are on a mission to release many animals and we hope to provide proper care and a home to wildlife in need.


Willemijn Eggen, Founder of Wanicare, presenting the 2020 update

Do you also want to help us? Please contact us or donate right away through the donate button. Any help is welcome to help the animals that are victim of the wildlife trade and who are loosing their habitats. If you want to receive the presentation with all updates please reach out to

Besides the visitor we want to thank ‘Ellen & Adri Onderweg’ for their great musical intermezzo!