9 (3)After we received the news that these animals were coming to cikananga, our whole team feverishly prepared appropriate quarantine enclosures and the clinic for all the new animals that would be arriving. We had no idea what kind of condition the animals would be in since the confiscation was kept secret until the last minute, as the confiscation team didn’t want to risk the trader getting rid of the animals before they arrived and could safely collect them. After they arrived in Cikananga, we brought in the animals one by one into the clinic to receive a full health check to better assess their needs.

With so many people helping, at times it was a bit manic but eventually all the animals got safely into their new enclosures in our quarantine buildings. All the animals health wise were in poor body condition assumable from mal-nutrition and previous lack of veterinary care. The animals who needed intensive care such as the babies and the ill once were put in the clinic for our veterinary team to give them around the clock intensive care.
In total we received: 1 short-tailed spotted cuscus, 1 Pesquet’s parrot, 1 Salmon-crested cockatoo, 1 Black-capped lorry, 1 Sun bear, 1 Leopard cat, 1 Sumatra Orangutan, 2 Western tarsiers, 2 White cockatoo’s, 2 Heck’s macaques, 3 Palm cockatoo’s, 4 Sulphur-crested cockatoo’s, 1 Yellow-Crested cockatoo, 1 Black hornbill, 2 Blyth’s hornbill’s, 2 Knobbed hornbill’s , 3 Rhinoceros hornbill’s.

The animals are still housed in our quarantines until their tests return and the appropriate isolation period for each individual species is met.

Because many of our animal enclosures are already occupied, we would like to start working on building new spacious, natural enclosures whish satisfies the needs of the species, to fit each individual.

11Happily all the animals are starting to relax and enjoy their new healthy diet and appropriate enclosures.
The babies and young animals, such as Dennis the orang-utan, Ben-Ben the sun bear, Pauli the Palm cockatoo and Billy the Knobbed hornbill are still in need of extra intensive care, and also the Salmon-crested cockatoo and one of the other Palm cockatoo because wounds and poor body condition due malnutrition.


These animals are currently evidence in the court case against the people in charge of their sales. This means that 8they have to stay in Cikananga until the case is cleared, which could take a very long time. After this period of time we are hoping to send them to species specific centers for their rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild.
All of these animals need your support and assistance!



As you can imagine with all of these extra animals we desperately need funding for their food, new enclosures, medical treatment and enrichment items. Any little bit helps!