Update on the rescued birds

15 February 2017 – Upodate: Most of the birds are doing fine and are in a pretty good shape considering the stressful moments and their history. Some are under medical treatment but no critical care is needed.  Sadly we also have to share that two of the birds died, a Moluccan cockatoo and a Palm cockatoo. We are waiting for the autopsy results, but from previous situations we know that after heavy stress some birds can become prone for all kinds of sicknesses in the first days. Of course we will keep you updated, please know that all efforts to help us are very welcome for medication, care, future enclosures & else. IBAN Number : NL 65 ABNA 05155 4498 1 with BIC Number: ABNANL2A or check the donate button on our FB page.

Bird confiscation 15 feb 17



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