We Announce the Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund

22 October 2020 – ANNOUNCEMENT – A part of the funds collected through the crowdfunding for the treatment of Arfah will be put towards the new Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund. This grant will provide once a year the opportunity for young Indonesian women working in conservation to apply for support for travel and general expenses to gain experience by following courses-trainings and/or conferences in Indonesia or abroad.

Arfah dedicated her life to nature conservation from an early age and worked for the Cikananga Foundation as our field biologist from 2014 to 2020. Over the past summer she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a battle that she lost in September of this year.

Besides working in the field Arfah always loved getting opportunities to learn and gain experience. She was happy with each opportunity and had been accepted for courses the last years, but finding enough funds to allow her to travel or pay all expenses was always a big challenge and sadly often not successful. Therefore we believe this Memorial Fund will be the perfect way to honour Arfah, because her memory will provide an opportunity for young women to learn and contribute to the conservation of Indonesia’s nature and wildlife.

The first call for applications will be in the second half of 2021, to give the team the opportunity to prepare all details such as application forms, selection procedure and evaluation.
Please follow us here for updates or contact us at info@wanicare.com.