Our projects

Next to the daily business in the Cikananga Rescue Center, Wanicare runs different projects that aim to return wildlife to their natural habitat, protect habitats or educate people.

  • Raptor Release Program : Many Raptors are victim of the illegal trade. Confiscated Raptors are rehabilitated in Cikananga and have been successfully released in the past years.
  • Gibbon Program Lengkong : Since 2012 we are actively protecting the endangered Silvery Gibbon in the isolated Lengkong Area
  • Javan Leopard Program : Considering there are possibly less than 100 Javan Leopards living in the wild and numbers are rapidly declining, we created a program for the Javan Leopard before it is to late.
  • Hornbill Release Program : We want to start a release program for different Hornbill species that are becoming more and more endangered as illegal trade increases.
  • Education and Awareness Program : We visit many schools and schools visit us in Cikananga, local and international: It starts with education! Also, we run a awareness program in every area we plan releases.

If you consider to help us or want to collaborate, please don’t hesitate and contact info@wanicare.com or donate.

Javan Leopard wanicare II