Cikananga participates in Cassowary taskforce

20 May 2018 – In the last months Cikananga was involved in important steps for all confiscated Cassowaries in Indonesia. As relocating Cassowaries to Papua is very challenging and needs support from various organizations that met first in in Cikananga and later in Papua to conduct workshops. This group consists of Indonesian wildlife rescue center PPS Tasikok, ASTI Bogor, Cikananga Wildlife Center (PPSC), the involved local authorities BKSDA West Java, BKSDA Papua and Dinas Papua and enablers Blue Forrest, Freeport and USAID. The workshops were organized to create an action plan regarding legalization, quarantine procedures and cooperation between all involved parties. Director of Cikananga Wildlife Center Resit Sozer headed the group of 3 Cikananga staff members participating in the workshops.

Cikananga Cassowary Wanicare Papua

We are striving to bring back all Cassowaries back to Papua that were confiscated from the illegal trade on different islands in Indonesia in the past years. Also, this program aims to be a stepping stone for the numerous other species from Papua that are under treat and develop (related) conservation programs.

Cikananga Papua Wanicare Cassowary

More updates to follow in the coming months!


Cikananga rescue team turns out to Javan Leopard

18 May 2018 – Yesterday the Cikananga Widlife Center Rescue Team was involved in a rescue effort for a very young Javan Leopard as it was discovered under a house in the Sukabumi area near the Gede Pangrango National Park. After a medical check and careful consideration that included the BKSDA authorities, National Park staff, Taman Safari staff and our vet it was decided to release the animal at the National Park to provide an opportunity to regroup with the mother.

Cikananga Javan Leopard Wanicare1

Cikananga Javan Leopard Wanicare 2

More information on our Javan Leopard programme here.

Aeres MBO school from the Netherlands visits Cikananga

16 May 2018 – This week we welcome Aeres MBO Almere school from the Netherlands to Cikananga. We are very excited to welcome them again! The students are studying applied biology or animal care and work on different projects in and around Cikananga, like replanting of trees in a nearby reserve and the rebuilding of furniture and climbing constructions in different enclosures. More updates to follow!

Aeres Cikananga Wanicare Groenhorst studenten Indonesie II

Aeres Cikananga Wanicare Groenhorst studenten Indonesie

Aeres Cikananga Wanicare Groenhorst studenten Indonesie IV

Aeres Cikananga Wanicare Groenhorst studenten Indonesie III

More info about the visit from students of Aeres can be found on the website 

New internship assignments available

14 May 2018 – Are you studying conservation, ecology, a wildlife related field or to be a veterinarian? Join us to learn in a unique setting in Indonesia and experience wildlife in the front line of conservation work.

Take a look at our internship assignment page to find more specifics, assignments starting from October for various backgrounds and studies.

Veterinary Internship Indonesia

Cikananga festival in France!

3 May 2018 – This year a group of Ahims’Animals from France are visiting Cikananga and they are organizing a Festival in France at La Possonière, lieu dit “Les Arpents” on 19 and 20 May to raise funds for the SOS Macaque enclosure renovations. Especially as it’s #internationalmacaqueweek this makes the macaques in Cikananga very happy!

If you are around or want to contribute to this amazing initiative, please take a look, donate or of course: Visit the CIKANANGA FESTIVAL! More information can be found here.

Cikananga Festival Wanicare Ahimsanimals

Interns learn from Indonesian wildlife experts

30 April 2018 – With Indonesian experts occasionally visiting Cikananga, this is a perfect opportunity for interns to learn more about animals species native to Indonesia. At the moment Nathan Rusli is staying at Cikananga and is giving a lecture about snake species, ecology and a handling demonstration.

volunteers wildlife indonesia animals rescue center Wanicare Cikananga

Wildlife Reserves Singapore supports Pangolins in Cikananga

4 April 2018 – We are very pleased with the help of Wildlife Reserves Singapore to provide feeding, to cover veterinary costs and the renovation of enclosures for the many Sunda Pangolin (Manis javanica) that we welcomed in past months. We are currently awaiting permits for the two smaller Sunda Pangolins for releases. Pangolin Penny, who arrived here in November, is still court evidence in the legal case against the trader and she legally has to await that processes with us in Cikananga. Also later we want to start a fundraising campaign for tracking equipment to learn about the ecology of Pangolins in post release circumstances as data is massively lacking for this Critically Endangered IUCN Redlist species.

It’s known that Pangolins account for up to 20% of all worldwide wildlife trade. That means Pangolin species are heavily under threat, mainly because it’s wrongfully believed that their scales contain medical powers what keeps the trade going at alarming speed.

Manis javanica Wanicare

Manis javanica Sunda Pagolin CIkananga Wanicare II

Artist Maria Elena Luciani helps Wanicare

28 March 2018 – Meet artist Maria Elena Luciani: She started a Kickstarter campaign to raise attention for Wildlife conservation. As part of her round trip through south east Asia she made various paintings of wildlife, also of animals in Cikananga. Now she makes t-shirts available with prints of these amazing paintings.

Wanicare Cikananga Animals Conservation

A portion of the money she raises will be donated to Wanicare & Cikananga Wildlife Center. Want to know more: Follow this link!


Slow loris recovering well

23 March 2018- This rescued Slow loris arrived in February and he is successfully recovering from a amputation. For obvious reasons we called him Captain Hook, but the important thing is that he is doing really well. Hook was moved from the clinic to an outside enclosure this week where we keep a close eye on him to monitor his climbing skills and overall behaviour.

Javan Slow lorisses (Nycticebus javanicus) are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN redlist. The trade is still very harsh but we have been able to rescue many of them from the illegal trade. Want to help these magnificent animals with a proper place to stay and appropriate care? Please contact us or donate right away.

Slow loris Cikananga Wanicare plompe lori opvang rescue

Slow loris Cikananga Wanicare plompe lori

Otters of Cikananga need your help

4 March 2018 – Today we launch a crowdfunding campaign as we are desperately looking for enclosures for 5 five rescued oriental small clawed otters from the illegal trade. These animals need urgent professional medical care and proper housing. Currently they are housed in poor conditions at another center that does not have the dedicated facilities or ability to provide specialized care they desperately need. Please take a look and hopefully you can support these animals and many otters in the future too that are in need of proper rescue facilities in Indonesia.

Want to help? Please visit:

Otter Wanicare Cikananga

Otter Cikananga Wanicare 2

Otters Wanicare Cikananga