Slow loris recovering well

23 March 2018- This rescued Slow loris arrived in February and he is successfully recovering from a amputation. For obvious reasons we called him Captain Hook, but the important thing is that he is doing really well. Hook was moved from the clinic to an outside enclosure this week where we keep a close eye on him to monitor his climbing skills and overall behaviour.

Javan Slow lorisses (Nycticebus javanicus) are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN redlist. The trade is still very harsh but we have been able to rescue many of them from the illegal trade. Want to help these magnificent animals with a proper place to stay and appropriate care? Please contact us or donate right away.

Slow loris Cikananga Wanicare plompe lori opvang rescue

Slow loris Cikananga Wanicare plompe lori

Otters of Cikananga need your help

4 March 2018 – Today we launch a crowdfunding campaign as we are desperately looking for enclosures for 5 five rescued oriental small clawed otters from the illegal trade. These animals need urgent professional medical care and proper housing. Currently they are housed in poor conditions at another center that does not have the dedicated facilities or ability to provide specialized care they desperately need. Please take a look and hopefully you can support these animals and many otters in the future too that are in need of proper rescue facilities in Indonesia.

Want to help? Please visit:

Otter Wanicare Cikananga

Otter Cikananga Wanicare 2

Otters Wanicare Cikananga

UN World Wildlife Day: Big Cats under threat

3 March 2018 – Today is UN World Wildlife Day and the theme of 2018 is “Big cats: predators under threat”. Wanicare is very pleased to see more attention for Big Cats as their populations are declining at alarming rate due to loss of habitat, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade.

Over the years we have rescued Javan Leopard and Clouded Leopards to the Cikananga Wildlife Center and we are actively working on solutions to change their uncertain future. For the Javan Leopard time is running out and we are working on valuable steps to research habitats on Java and release these Critically Endangered animals that are on the IUCN’s Red list. More information on our projects can be found the the Save the Javan Leopard Page.

Javan Leopard UN Wildlife 2018 Cikananga Leopard Java Leopards

Clouded Leopard UN Wildlife 2018 Cikananga Leopard Java Leopards

All help is welcome to make a difference, if you want to know more and get in contact? Please let us know.

Wanicare: Save The Javan Leopard.

Rescue: Again many young animals

28 February 2018 – Again we received young animals in Cikananga, among them a Gibbon, Macaques and a Cockatoo. With new arrivals in the past weeks and more to coming in the coming days we a looking for support, your help is very welcome to make sure we can give proper (medical) care and arrange housing in Cikananga.

All these young animals were confiscated by authorities from a private owner and are in reasonable, in tired condition and probably poached from the wild. First TBC tests are negative and today we are taking X-rays to exclude internal issues. The animals remain in quarantine for the coming period.

Gibbon Cikananga Wanicare Rescue Indonesia

Cockatoo Cikananga Wanicare Rescue Indonesia

Macaque Cikananga Wanicare Rescue Indonesia

Want to help? 
Please find the donate button on our website in the top right corner. The animals will be thankful as you support them!

Renovating enclosures for long tailed macaques

16 February 2018 – Our two newest long tailed macaques Hanneke and Fetri have finished their quarantine and sadly due to physical ailments and mental issues we can not release them to the wild.

Volunteers, interns and staff have been renovating the macaque enclosures and added new environmental enrichment in the enclosures as we hope to introduce these two to our existing group of three long tailed macaques. Very soon they will move in!

Interested in volunteering or an internship as a student at Cikananga? Let us know or visit our volunteer or intern page for more information.

Volunteer wildlife internwildlife indonesia wanicare cikananga

Cockatoos moved to new enclosure

12 February 2018 – It took a year to before we could move house Francesca out of her quarantine enclosure, but she seems incredibly happy now she is finally outside, and in a place where she gets much more attention.

Francesca Wanicare Cikananga Moluccan cockatoo Cacatua moluccensis 1

Francesca is highly-socialized and sadly cannot be released. But she has a lovely new aviary near the food house where she can observe the staff, interns and volunteers throughout the day. In the first week Francesca was very chatty but taking her time to explore her new place with her sulphur-crested cockatoo neighbours.

As you might know Marieke Tjebbes organized a fundraiser to build this enclosure for highly-socialized birds close to our foodhouse. We are so happy that these birds are now in a spacious place and are doing so much better! Thanks Marieke and everyone who contributed to this enclosure.

If you would like to help more birds like Francesca, please let us know. Many highly-socialized birds deserve a place where they get the space and attention that they deserve.

Thanks to all visitors of the Wanicare fundraiser

22 January 2018 – We want to thank everyone who visited us last Sunday in Balkbrug for the annual Wanicare Fundraiser Concert. With the kind help of all of you we raised a very helpful amount. We are very happy to share our story of the last year and to re-engage with many friends who are supporting Wanicare.

We would like to thank Carmen Hovestad and Micha Wink for the amazing performance!

Many thanks again, on behalf of the animals and the board of Stichting Wanicare
Willemijn Eggen

Rescue operation, many young animals arrive in Cikananga

15 January 2018 – Earlier this week we received a number of very young, illegally traded animals in neglected condition. Among them are a Leopard cat, 3 Lutungs, 2 snakes and 2 baby owls. All are confiscated from a trader in the Jakarta area.

We estimate that the Lutungs are only 3 to 4 months old and they are constantly screaming for attention as they are probably taken from their mother very recently. Also the other animals are very vocal but all are gradually eating and drinking better under close supervision of our vet and supporting staff. In addition to these animals we also received another Pangolin that demands a very specific and costly diet.

With these new arrivals our (financial) resources are under pressure, all help is welcome to relieve these animals with the best medical support, diets and care.

If you want to help, please donate through our donate page or with a transfer a donation to IBAN: NL65ABNA0515544981 with BIC number: ABNANL2A to the bank account of ‘Wanicare Foundation’.

Lutung babies jan 18 cikananga wanicare

Watch us on German Television!

6 January 2018 – This Sunday morning at 9:25 the Slow lorises of Cikananga are starring in a full episode of ‘Anna and the Wildlife’ on the ARD channel in Germany. Episodes can also be found in the link below after the first broadcast. In the first episode our staff member Roel Jansen shows reporter Anna around Cikananga and takes her to the research site of Litte Fire Face Project near Garut. Please find the episodes here: LINK


In every episode Anna travels the world to show German children exciting wildlife. Next week another episode is coming up focusing on Gibbons, here Cikananga also plays an important part featuring vet Wahyu Hananto and Wanicare Manager Roel Jansen.

Lion Foundation and Wanicare / Cikananga Wildlife Center join forces for survival of Javan leopards

22 december 2017 – We are very proud to announce that the Lion Foundation (Stichting Leeuw) is a new partner for our Javan Leopard Release Program. With their support we start in 2018 the first habitat assessments for potential release sites of the Javan leopard, currently classified as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.

Javan Leopard stichting Leeuw Wanicare Cikananga

This is a crucial step for wild Javan leopards in captivity that can contribute to the survival of the species in the wild. These assessments will also provide important insight in the current situation of the remaining population. With possibly less than 100 mature individuals in the wild the help of The Loin Foundation is incredibly important.

Next to this the Hoenderdaell Foundation will support Wanicare and Cikananga Wildlife Center with activities to develop cassowary enclosures, research for cassowary species and our Raptor Release Program.

The Lion Foundation was founded in 2011 and rescues felines like retired circus Lions from all over Europe to their facilities at the Hoenderdaell Animal Park in the Netherlands. The Lion Foundation and Hoenderdaell aim to give rescued animals a future and bring big cats back to the wild.

More info on the Javan Leopard Release Program can be found here.

Many thanks, also on behalf of the animals in Cikananga!