First Javan leopard enters the Rehabilitation Enclosure

19 december 2017 – This week was a big moment for the Javan leopards in Cikananga as Wayhu enters the largest enclosure of this new complex that was built with the support of our partner FOUR PAWS. We rescued Wahyu earlier this year after a serious conflict situation in the Cianjur area. In the spacious enclosures the six Javan leopards in Cikananga can start their rehabilitation process. It’s designed to fit their natural behaviour and this is stimulated by climbing structures on different heights, hiding places, pools and elevated resting places above the ground in a near natural setting with minimal human contact.

With this enclosure we can take an important step for captive Javan Leopards that potentially can return to the wild. Considering the Critically Endangered status with estimations between ‘possibly less than 100’ to a ‘maximum of 250 adults’ in the wild the coming years will be crucial for the survival of the Javan leopard. In the next week will announce more good news as the Javan Leopard Release Program continues in 2018. Please find a video on Youtube by clicking on the image below.

Javan Leopard savethejavanleopard wanicare cikananga YT
We are incredibly happy and thankful for the support from our partner FOUR PAWS to realize this enclosure.

More info can be found on the Javan Leopard Program can be found here.


Successful release in Cikepuh!

13 December 2017 – Successful releases in Cikepuh National Reserve earlier this week as two Asian small clawwed otters, a Barking deer and a Leopard cat returned to the wild! Take a look at the video for some joyful footage of these happenings. Cikananga takes a role in the revitalization of the Cikepuh National Reserve that is recovering after years of increased human activity like logging, cattle grazing and hunting. Now the situation gets better there is also a safe place for animals and many more will follow. Video on Facebook!

vlcsnap-2017-12-13-15h17m02s151We want to thanks Biofarma for supporting the Cikepuh Release Program

Release this week at Cikepuh

9 December 2017 – In the last days different animals were moved into transport boxes for their last trip, back to the wild at the Cikepuh Nature Reserve. In the coming days 2 otters, 1 leopard cat and 1 deer will be released. Our crew is now in Cikepuh for the last preparations before the actual releases.

Wanicare Cikananga Cikepuh Release DEC17 JPEG

-> Stay tuned for more updates in the coming week! Want to help animals get back to the wild? Please contact or donate at our homepage.

Heavy storm hits Cikananga

2 December 2017 – As 2 cyclones are active near the south coast of Java, yesterday many trees fall down inside the center. First and most important: No animals got hurt. But one huge tree smashed the dome where one of the Javan Hawk Eagles was located. We were able to rescue the eagle directly after the storm to another facility. Sadly, this enclosure is completely ruined. On different locations in the center trees fell down as well, but luckily no one or any other facilities were hit.

Wanicare Cikananga Tree Help damage

Of course we can use all help to rebuild this enclosure, it was one of our better enclosures… Rebuilding cost will likely be at least 3000 to 4000 dollars, so if you If you like to help please contact us or find a donate button on our homepage (Paypal) or let us know if you know organisations or individuals who would like to help us.


Rescue: Critically Endangered Pangolin arrives in Cikananga

17 November 2017 – In the last weeks we received another worrying wildlife trade case: A Sunda Pangolin, we called her Penny and she is Critically Endangered. Sadly we are legally bound to await the court case against the trader before we can release her back to the wild, and it’s unclear how long this will take. We are very happy with the help we received to make sure we can take care for her in the meantime.

Different sources state that Pangolins account for up to 20% of all the wildlife trade, so Pagolin species are heavily under threat. Their scales are believed to contain medical powers, which is of course utter nonsense. To address this situation Pangolins species are all listed on the IUCN Red List, ranging from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered.

Al help is welcome to care for Penny, she is such an magnificent and peaceful animal…. Please contact us to help her and the many other animals in Cikananga that are under threat.

Pangolin rescue Wanicare CikanangaPangolin rescue Wanicare Cikananga

STOP THE WILDLIFE TRADE! Let Wanicare help the illegally traded wildlife in Indonesia with a donation.

Donation received! Thank you!

7 november 2017 – We would like to thank Anita van Dooren and Harriette Tiebosch with their donation to us to help the animals in Cikananga. It’s amazing!


Donation Wanicare Cikananga OCT17

Rescue of 4 illegaly kept wild animals

15 October 2017 – After a confiscation by JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network) this Friday we received 2 Binturongs, a Green Tree Python and a Bali Starling. They were illegally kept as pets by a private owner. Not all are in the best physical shape, but considering the circumstances they are doing OK. As the animals are now in quarantine we could not take so many pictures.

Rescue OCT 17




Slow loris rescue to Cikananga

11 October 2017 – A partner organisation brought a Javan Slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) to us after it was handed over to them by local villagers close to their project site. As the his body condition is far from good and his hand needs medical attention it was brought to us in Cikananga. Hopefully he will regain his strength, but a more in-depth medical check later will determine whether his physical state is good enough for a potential return to the wild. For now his is in the clinic and we are happy to see he is eating pretty well.

Javan Slow lorises are Critically endangered according to IUCN and are under heavily treat due to habitat loss and illegal trafficking as they became popular as pets. But please be informed that slow lorises are wild animals, suffer enormously in the process of being poached from the wild and suffer even more as they live outside their natural habitats and without the right diet or care.

Nycticebus javanicus Wanicare


— Want to know about internships or volunteer work at Cikananga? We even have a intern assignment available to help us with the slow lorises, please take a look here.