Update on rescued otters

20 September 2017 – Besides positive developments, sometimes we also have to report sad news as rescue work is not without setbacks. As you might remember, we received 2 otters here: Bubbles and Squeaks. At first impression they looked to be in reasonable good shape and this was confirmed in the week after when our vet performed the standard virus tests on them. Both were active and did eat well. Unfortunately, on the daily routine of our Otter Keeper, he found Bubbles and Squeaks unconscious and they were directly brought to the clinic. Sadly they both died shortly after.

Our vet performed autopsy and this showed that both suffered from severe protozoa infections that unfortunately was not pick-up by our regular anthelmintic. Still we believe their dead was not only caused by this, but that other issues were in play. Samples from the autopsy are sent to the laboratory for additional testing.

This once again shows what wildlife / pet trade does to wild animals! Bubbles and Squeaks were taken from the wild and held in small dirty cages, received a bad diet and were rejected from any care. It underlines that wild animals do not make good pets and suffer in captivity if they don’t recieve professional care.

As we received some donations for Bubbles and Squeaks, we want to let you know that this money will be used for the other Otters and animals in our care that are also in need of help. If you instead would like a reimbursement of your donation or have any other questions about this matter, please let us know by a private message or e-mail:

Photo: Bubbles and Squeaks in the transport cages



New Internship assignments available!

18 September 2017 –  Looking for an Internship? On our website we have listed some assignments, please let us know if your studying (para-) veterinarian, conservation, ecology of similar.

Veterinary Internship Indonesia

Take a look here! Please know that there are a lot of possbilities if you are studying a different field. Let us know!

New Hornbill Block ready!

17 September 2017 – A vital step for many Hornbills in Cikananga is about to be taken with a new Hornbill block that provides spacious enclosures and a first step in the rehabilitation process. We are very grateful to the sponsors who helped us realize this step as many Hornbills were housed in sub-optimal cages after the huge inflow of illegally traded birds in the last years.

Later an enclosure for pure rehabilitation purposes will be build where the Hornbill can gain extra strength and develop the skills they need to live in the wild. After this we hope to release some of the Hornbills back to the wild. Want to help these magnificent birds? Please let us know! Please find a video on Facebook or Instagram 

Hornbill Wanicare Cikananga

Special thanks to Orang Utan Help Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l for the help to realize these enclosures.

Rescue! Cassowary, Binturong, Cockatoo & Eagle

10 September 2017 – Yesterday our Rescue Team confiscated 4 animals from a private owner who kept them as pets. It concerns a Cassowary, a Binturong , a Sulphur-crested cockatoo and a Javan hawk eagle. For now we will keep a very close eye on them as they did not have any medical care in the recent period… We will keep you updated. #Rescue

Wildlife rescue Cikananga Wanicare September 2017 II


Please help the mayn animals that are in need: Donate here  Thank you!

Arrival: Pigtail macaque

31 August 2017 – New Arrival! Pigtail macaque Diego who previously stayed at ASTI rescue center in Bogor. Our team brought him in yesterday and we hope to introduce him to James, another Pigtail Macaque that also cannot be released into the wild after a long period in captivity. In this way we can possibly introduce the two animals, improve welfare and make space for new arrivals with organizations like ASTI. Diego is doing fine in his temporary inside quarantine enclosure and of course we will keep you updated. Thanks ASTI! (Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia – Bogor)

Video on Facebook and Instagram!


Today in Animals of Cikananga: Asian small-clawed otters

23 August 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Asian small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinerea) IUCN status: Vunerable

Otters wanicare Cikananga 2017
Although endangered, sadly these animals are not protected in Indonesia, and that’s why we find them very often on markets or as pets at home, mostly very stressed and frustrated. Sometimes they turn into aggressive behaviour as they are kept in small cages and don’t get the right nutrition. Although we would like to rescue them, we are legally not equipped to do so but Some ended up in Cikananga after hand-overs from owners in the past, like Bubble and Squeak who arrived here last June. Still, we hope to release these otters in the future, if there is a possibility. Want to help?

In the July and August of this year we share a series of photo’s we call #AnimalsofCikananga. With this series we hope to give some insights and backgrounds on the rescued animals that are here in Cikananga and are so typical for the many challenges wild animals face in Indonesia.
Of course, we also hope to raise some extra attention to the work we do for the animals, the –very often- tragic situations and hope to find some help, financially or otherwise. Please like, share, tag and tell your friends, and help us save the wildlife.

Photo: Iing Naturalica

Release: Eagles Vico and Ingo fly out!

18 August 2017 – We very happy to share that Crested serpent eagles Vico and Ingo got their freedom back yesterday in the Cikepuh Wildlife Reserve. Here some snapshots of this beautiful moment, but keep following for a video! Please help us to release more animals back to the wild, where they belong.

Release Wanicare Cikepuh III

Release Wanicare Cikepuh IV


Javan slow loris rescue & release

15 august 2017 – A Javan slow loris who was brought to cikananga last weekend was released today to the wild again. This young girl was taken in by concerned people when it roamed in the center of village near sukabumi. After she was brought to cikananga, we could confirm by assessing her condition, teeth and behavior that she was from the wild. We are happy that she found the right people who knew that slow lorises belong in the wild.

Wanicare cikananga release slowlorris

Releases for 2 eagles next week

12 Augusts 2017 – Finally time for release! Two young Crested serpent-eagles will get their freedom back by the end of next week.

Wanicare release raptor Cikananga

These two eagles arrived with worrying condition. Both were severely neglected, being very skinny and dehydrated. And since they were kept in very small cages most of the wing feathers and all tail feathers were broken (photo week after arrival). After their initial recovery the long road of improving their hunting and flying skills was started. Everything went like we hoped for and finally they can be released.

Follow us here to see how these eagles get their freedom back!!