Rescue of two otters

8 June 2017 – Yesterday we received two otters that were taken in from a private owner. It’s one Asian short clawed otter and one Smooth coated otter. Please take a look at the video and many thanks to Scorpion Wildlife Monitoring Group and Rebecca Rodriquez of Animal House International for facilitating the rescue of these otters and a financial contribution

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Impression of the new Javan Leopard enclosure

1 June 2017 – An impression of the new enclosure that we are building in partnership with Four Paws International. This enclosure will provide space for rescued leopards, and through the circulation system we can provide the animals with extra combined enclosures what will motivate them to search and secure their new areas as a part of their rehabilitation process. The largest single enclosure will be over 330m2 which ensures enough space to practise hunting and other survival techniques. We aim to finish the enclosure in september of this year.

Please notice: The picture of this message is an impression of the final construction and features only a part of the roofing, sliding doors etc. The final enclosure will meet all standards to ensure animal welfare.

Enclosure impression

First medical exam rescue Javan Leopard

29 May 2017 – As you might remember we rescued a Javan Leopard last March from a conflict near Cianjur. Now he is fit enough for his first medical exam. Now we could definitely determine it is a male, and we called the young Javan Leopard Wahyu. As Wayhu is in a healthy condition and much stronger than 2 months ago, we hope sooner or later we can release him back to the wild. Please follow us for updates about the Javan Leopard Release Program. Save the Javan Leopard#SAVETHEJAVANLEOPARD

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Play Javan Leopard Wanicare Cikananga

Construction starts for the Leopard Enclosure

25 May 2017 – Trucks are bringing in bricks, stones, concrete and much more as we started this week with the construction of the Javan Leopard Rehabilitation Enclosure! Together with our partner Four Paws International we are very happy to share this milestone for the Javan Leopard. Please keep following us for an impression of the building later this week. Find more about the critically endangered Javan Leopard on our Program page.

Leopard Four Paws Wanicare II



Critically endangered Javan Slowlorrises rescue

17 May 2017 – Slowlorris poaching is everywhere, even very close to Cikananga. Last week we took in a male that was brought to us by a caring friend of a staff member. At arrival his legs seemed paralysed and one was broken. After removing a bullet the animal did not recover from the paralysis. Also a X-ray revealed many broken bones. Sadly we could not help this animal in any way and we had to put him down to stop his suffering.

Please know that Slowlorrises are impossible to keep as pets, that poaching simply murders many of them in the process and by now Javan Slowlorrises are critically endangered and vanishing from the wild.

Slowlorris Cikananga Wanicare wildlife indonesia


Groenhorst students finish project in Cikananga

5 May 2017 – Today the students of Groenhorst Almere / Aeres MBO Almere finished their Owl project by putting up the first of 8 nest boxes as part of the 9 day education trip in and around Cikananga. With this effort we faciltate different owl species to nest in and around the Cikananga park and thereby reduce the number of rats that damage the rice fields surrounding Cikananga and eat the food of the animals in the center. The students worked all week on these boxes and the result is great!

Groenhorst Aeres Wanicare education Cikananga

Four Paws supports the Javan Leopard Release Program

18 April 2017 – We are incredibly happy to share that Four Paws International supports the Javan Leopard Release Program of the Wanicare Foundation and The Cikananga Wildlife Center. Four Paws is the first large international organisation that supports us to fight for the critically endangered Javan Leopard. Considering there are possibly less than 100 remain in the wild and the population is rapidly shrinking Four Paws enables us to build an unique enclosure where Javan Leopards can be rehabilitated, what is impossible anywhere today. Construction starts in May and of course we will keep you updated about all developments now the fight for the Javan Leopard really starts!
More information can be found on our Javan Leopard Project Page at or please contact us.

A video about our work!

8 April 2017 – We are very happy to share this video about our work, and hope to grab your attention for a few minutes to tell you about our work for wildlife who became victim of illegal trade and deforestation. If you want to help, please contact us at, Please share it on social media, show your friends and family, it makes a great difference!

We are incredibly thankful to Care4Needs as they produced this video, they are traveling the world to help small NGO’s to tell their story to the world!


Siamang Ruby moved to a new enclosure

1 April 2017 – After over 4 months in quarantine, Siamang Ruby moved yesterday to a spacious, outside enclosure. After her horrible time in the illegal trade, it could very well be that she is outside for the first time in years. The road is long for a return to the wild, but your help makes a difference: Would you like to adopt Ruby? Starting from 10 euro a month we can create a small budget for food, enrichement and save up some money for things like future transport to the place where she belongs. A video is on available on our social media channels like our Facebook page.