Groenhorst students finish project in Cikananga

5 May 2017 – Today the students of Groenhorst Almere / Aeres MBO Almere finished their Owl project by putting up the first of 8 nest boxes as part of the 9 day education trip in and around Cikananga. With this effort we faciltate different owl species to nest in and around the Cikananga park and thereby reduce the number of rats that damage the rice fields surrounding Cikananga and eat the food of the animals in the center. The students worked all week on these boxes and the result is great!

Groenhorst Aeres Wanicare education Cikananga

Four Paws supports the Javan Leopard Release Program

18 April 2017 – We are incredibly happy to share that Four Paws International supports the Javan Leopard Release Program of the Wanicare Foundation and The Cikananga Wildlife Center. Four Paws is the first large international organisation that supports us to fight for the critically endangered Javan Leopard. Considering there are possibly less than 100 remain in the wild and the population is rapidly shrinking Four Paws enables us to build an unique enclosure where Javan Leopards can be rehabilitated, what is impossible anywhere today. Construction starts in May and of course we will keep you updated about all developments now the fight for the Javan Leopard really starts!
More information can be found on our Javan Leopard Project Page at or please contact us.

A video about our work!

8 April 2017 – We are very happy to share this video about our work, and hope to grab your attention for a few minutes to tell you about our work for wildlife who became victim of illegal trade and deforestation. If you want to help, please contact us at, Please share it on social media, show your friends and family, it makes a great difference!

We are incredibly thankful to Care4Needs as they produced this video, they are traveling the world to help small NGO’s to tell their story to the world!


Siamang Ruby moved to a new enclosure

1 April 2017 – After over 4 months in quarantine, Siamang Ruby moved yesterday to a spacious, outside enclosure. After her horrible time in the illegal trade, it could very well be that she is outside for the first time in years. The road is long for a return to the wild, but your help makes a difference: Would you like to adopt Ruby? Starting from 10 euro a month we can create a small budget for food, enrichement and save up some money for things like future transport to the place where she belongs. A video is on available on our social media channels like our Facebook page.



Update resuced Leopard

30 March 2017 – Update on the Javan Leopard that was rescued to Cikananga last week: He is doing better and seems a little more active. He eats very well what will help him recover and regain strength. We created a hammock and he enjoys resting in it. Considering all the stress and his exhausted condition we are happy seeing him like this. Find a video on our Facebook page.  #savethejavanleopard

javan leopard wanicare javanleopard


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Volunteers visit Takokak National Reserve

25 March 2017 – Yesterday we went to Takokak National Reserve together with a group of volunteers. We discussed issues about Leopards with the locals, then walked up the hills to search for primates and also checked some of the release sites of the Cikananga Raptor Program. We even spotted one of the Eagles that we released previously!

Takokak visit feb volunteers vrijwilligers wanicare indonesie cikananga.png


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Leopard rescue update

23 March 2017 –  The young Javan Leopard in Cikananga that was rescued 2 days is doing reasonably fine. We installed two night camera’s to observe him and there is some physical activity, although he is not moving a lot, but he is eating well. Considering the exhausted state before arriving and the stress during the last days it’s not very worrying, but we need to keep a close eye on him. More updates will follow.

Video on Facebook 

Second (!) Leopard rescue operation in 24h

21 March 2017 – As our rescue crew returned in Cikananga after yesterday’s rescue operation at Halimun Salak, we got information about a human-animal conflict with a Javan Leopard in the Cianjur area. At arrival different sources claimed the leopard walked from the forest 5 km down to a village where it tried to attack people. The young Leopard -approximately 1,5 to 2 years old- was already captured and in a seriously bad condition as he was clearly dehydrated, very skinny and very weak. Releasing him even in the forest would bin risk full, considering the physical state and the danger for another human-animal conflict. So we moved the animal to Cikananga.

Apparently the Leopard is completely exhausted and slept throughout the morning. We placed him in a more spacious enclosure and we will monitor him closely as we are hoping for a full recovery.

The developments of the last days shows again how urgent the situation of the Javan Leopard is. Rescuing another Javan Leopard to Cikananga is again a difficult situation because apart from the challenges for appropriate housing, the perspectives of releasing Javan Leopards is currently close to zero. Although we are working very hard change this situation and to protect the Javan Leopard from vanishing from the wild. Please contact us if you want to make a difference to change the future for Javan Leopards:

But, there is positive news: The Halimun Salak-rangers informed us that the Javan Leopard from the first operation was not spotted anymore around the release site, implicating that he is back in the forests where he belongs.

Leopard 2 rescue wanicare march 2017

Leopard rescue operation in Halimun Salak

20 March 2017 – Late last night we got information about a Javan Leopard that did got caught in a illegal pig trap somewhere on the south side of the Halimun Salak National Park. Immediately we responded with the Cikananga Rescue Team and after careful consideration and a medical check under anesthesia we are happy to share that we released the animal directly.


With only about 100 to 200 in the wild, we need al the help for the almost extinct Javan Leopard. Please contact us if you do!