8 Eagles moved to new, larger enclosures

31 january 2017 – Today we moved 8 Eagles to larger and much better enclosures. Hereby we can move them out of the mesh enclosures and into spacious enclosures that are made from net. It’s ensures the wings and beaks of the birds don’t get damaged and the proces to rehabiliation will be easier.

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The new bird block is ready for the first hornbills!

25 January 2017 – We are very happy with this nessesary addition because many different birds arrived in recent years. Today 3 Hornbills moved in and in the coming week some eagles will be housed in this block. Of course we are very happy to realise these enclosures, but still additional spacious enclosures are needed. If you want to help please contact us!

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We want thank everyone who visted us yesterday!

16 January 2017 – We want to thank everyone who attended the yearly fundraiser! All the idea’s, help, donations and encouragement make it a great start of 2017. As we shared yesterday, we are making great progress in and around Cikananga for the animals and it seems that 2017 has much more great things to come! Even more questions or idea’s? Just let us know!


New rescued animals at Cikananga

30 december 2016 – Some new arrivals last week from different confiscations: Some are in reasonable shape, other needed direct medical treatment. There is 1 small crocodile, 1 young slowloris and 2 cockatoo’s. The slowlorris who is named Billy has very bad teeth and we needed to treat him right away. Cockatoo’s Croky and Cookie are doing fine considering the stress, although Croky has a broken beak and has parasites and underwent treatment. The young crocodile is young but in a fair condition. We will keep you updated!

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Yearly Wanicare update in Zuidwolde

18 december 2016 – Early January Willemijn and Roel will be back in the Netherlands for the yearly update. So for all Dutch contacts: 15 januari van 15:00 tot 17:00 in Zuidwolde: Jullie zijn allemaal uitgenodigd!

Wanicare Foundation jaarlijkse update

Aanmelden kan via dit e-mail adres.

Zondag 15 januari 2017 • 15.00 – 17.00 uur
Cultuurhistorisch streekmuseum De Wemme
Burgemeester Tonckensstraat 49, Zuidwolde


New slowlorris enclosure ready!

15 December 2016 – A big moment for the slowlorrises in Cikananga; the new slowlorris-block is ready and all slowlorrises that before were housed in smaller cages were moved this week, spread over 7 different enclosures inside the block. Last year we realized a similar block, and with this addition all slowlorrises are now housed in spacious enclosures. It’s a big difference from the old cages, now they have much more room to move around and this helps the rehabilitation process. We are very grateful to our sponsors: Thank you! It’s an enormous step forward!

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Wanicare slowlorris Javan Cikananga














Slowlorris Kukus shot by poachers

12 December 2016 – This is Kukus, a Javan Slowlorris that was shot by poachers. Although seriously injured, she apparently managed to get away and she was found by locals in Lengkong. The X-rays clearly shows the bullet. Because a bullet can travel inside the body, we are carefully looking into surgery-options. Kukus is now in quarantine and today we did a medical checkup. She is holding up fine considering the bad situation. We will keep you updated!

Slowlorris Wanicare Cikananga Adoption wildlife

Would you like to help Kukus? Adoption is possible from 5 euros per month! 

Give the best Christmas gift to James

11 December 2016 – This is James, a longtime resident of Cikananga who lived on a dump, was fed beer and cigarettes while being chained and abused. This resulted in major mental and physical problems that are so traumatic that a life in the wild is impossible for him. Now we try to offer him the best possible life in his enclosure, with enrichment, rest and a diet that he deserves. Could you imagine giving James a Christmas gift by adopting him for 9 dollar per month so we can give him a little bit more attention, varied food and extra enrichment? Please let us know at 

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1 step closer to translocating Rosie and Femi to Sumatra

5 December 2016 – Great news from our friends at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) about Rosie and Femi! After establishing by DNA-test they are both Sumatran, they are accepted to move to SOCP on Sumatra. There they will be together with many other Orangutan babies and in the perfect circumstance to rehabilitate for potential future release in the wild. Now the permits for translocation to Sumatra can be arranged, hopefully this won’t take too long… In the meanwhile Rosie and Femi are placed in outside cages during day time and get outside twice a day for climbing high up the trees under our close supervision.


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New arrival at Cikananga; more to come

4 December 2016 – Last week we were informed about a case of a illegally kept animals near Sukabumi. We visited the location and after a talk with the owner we agreed to take in the illegal animals and an Otter (Otters are actually is allowed, but far that’s from ideal). Later this week we will pick up the Eagles. One male Asian Short Clawed Otter is already taken to Cikananga, but as this species is allowed to keep a pet the owner would not let go of another female.
We named the male Nur-nur and on arrival we immediately performed a medical check. As Nur-nur was kept in a very small cage his muscles are far below average but furthermore he seems pretty healthy, although we need to take X-rays to research some possible irregularities.