Siamang rescue: Amank arrived at Cikananga

19 October 2016 – Today we received baby Siamang Amank. He was handed over from Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) who rescued Amank from a trader who tried to sell him as a pet. He is clearly traumatized and dehydrated but luckily drinking and eating well. We are going to take care of him and we will keep you updated!

Do you want to help us? Or do you consider adopting Amank for 20 Dollar / 18 Euro a month? Please contact us at


















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We also offer extensive volunteering and internship opportunities at Cikananga, for more information check this page.

Medical exam of Sun Bear Ben-Ben

17 October 2016 – Today we performed a medical exam on Sun bear Ben-Ben. Hopefully Ben-Ben can get transferred soon to OFI-Bears for further rehabilitation. Ben-Ben is currently doing fine and seems healthy. Blood analysis we give us more information in the coming days.








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We also offer extensive volunteering and internship opportunities at Cikananga, for more information check this page.

Cockatoo Yadi is doing better after 2 weeks in Cikananga

14 October 2016 – We happy to share that Cockatoo Yadi is very reasonable shape after his rescue of 2 weeks ago, although he is suffering from an old fracture in his wing. The wound is healing (the blue spot is the antibiotic wound spray) and next Monday we will perform the remaining medical checks. The Lutung was directly translocated after a week in Cikananga to the Javan Primates Conservation Project, were specialized treatment can be provided.











Photo update: 5 newly arrived Macaques

11 October 2016 – All 5 macaques that arrived last week were habituated as a result of to much interaction with humans. Therefor they won’t able to return to the wild, but of course we are going to make a great home for them!








Maqacues releases

27 September 2016 – Today five new resident macaques arrived at Cikananga and soon we will introduce these happy individuals to you! But more important is that due to the great work of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) two groups with a total of 25 macaques are now on their way to freedom! Three months ago they arrived at Cikananga for rehabilitation, now it is amazing to say goodbye, because soon they will roam free again on a beautiful island!










Sophie and Anna released!

23 September 2016 – Back in 2013 two 6 months old Javan Lutungs named Anna and Sophie arrived in Cikananga. We are very happy to share that they are free again! Here some photos of their journey to the release site. Thanks to Javan Primates Conservation Project for the amazing work!















Femi and Rosi are climbing

The two young orangutans Rosi and Femi are spending more and more time in the treetops playing or looking for food. It is amazing to see them recovering like they do, it will not be long now untill they will be ready for their journey back to Sumatra!14361382_1055922091190754_8844942278583253579_o










International Orangutan day

19 August 2016 – The love for Orangutans is one of the reasons why Wanicare Foundation was established in 2008. During the years that Wanicare has been working in Indonesia, the situation for Bornean and Sumatran orangutans has only become worse due to the increasing number of hectares of forest disappearing for the palm oil industry. Every year the number of orangutans in the wild is rapidly decreasing and the number of orangutans in rescue centers increasing. Currently there are four orangutans under our care, including two recently rescued babies: Dodo, Noni, Femi and Rosi.
With today being International Orangutan Day we ask everyone to avoid the buying of products with palm oil, raise awareness and help to stop the brutal killing of mother orangutans so that their babies can be traded. Adopt an orangutan and take action now before it is too late!

Orangutan day2016














Update Rosi and Femi

1 August 2016 – Rosi, the first arrival, is very playful and keeps going up and down the playground. Femi, the second arrival, mostly stays close to the caretaker but when they meet somewhere along the playground Femi joins Rosi and they play together untill they get distracted by something else.