Update on Orangutan rescue

23 July 2016 – Yesterday our new arrival took all the time to catch up with sleep and in the afternoon she became a bit more active. Currently she is happily drinking milk every 3 hours and her favorite fruit is at the moment orange.

You can help by supporting the care off this beautiful girl! Every donation will go to her milk, food and medical care. And as soon as she is ready, your donation will help to cover the costs of her translocation to a specialized rehabilitation center in Indonesia.















Breaking: Orangutan rescue in Ciamis

20 July 2016 – At this very moment Wanicare and Cikananga are rescuing an approximate 6 months old orangutan. Yesterday we received the news and today the team drove 8 hours to reach her. This young and critically endangered orangutan is another victim of the devastating deforestations for palm oil plantations and the pet trade. Through our Wanicare channels we will keep you up to date about the rescue mission, her progress and how you can help her.










Want to adopt Clouded Leopard Captain?

15 July 2016 – Little Captain is growing up and getting more confident with the week! This beautiful Clouded Leopard arrived November last year at Cikananga after being confiscated from the hands of a trader. Captain is still waiting to be adopted, send us a message if you are interested to sponsor the care of Captain at Cikananga!
















































Support from the Silvery Gibbon Project for Wanicare

29 june 2016 – We are happy to share that we received important financial support from the Silvery Gibbon Project, this means we can continue with populations surveys, habitat assessments and general support for the silvery gibbons in Lengkong Regency. Currently three families of gibbons are facing a number of threats, such as shortage of food, poaching and human encroachment, but reports indicate that more gibbon families are facing the same threats.


With this support we will be able to help more gibbons and develop a community involvement program!

Team rescues a Javan Ebony Langur

14 June 2016 – Today the team went to rescue this young West Javan Ebony Langur (Trachypithecus auratus ssp. mauritius), and she is now already on her way to Javan Primates Conservation Project of Aspinal for further rehabilitation. The rescue went smoothly, because the owners agreed on handing her over earlier. As you can see she was chained at a somber location and although she is very skinny, she is doing alright.  We are very happy that this individual will now get a second chance in life!

















Crowdfunding for Hornbill Enclosures

13 june 2016 – One of our current volunteers Sam Oostra started a crowdfunding initiative for the much needed Hornbill enclosure that we want to build in the near future. Currently we are forced to house the hornbills in small cages due to a lack of suitable facilities. This initial initiative will ensure we can start with the foundation of the enclosure. Do you want help us?

Please follow this link












Storm damaged our Eagle cages, would you like to help?

6 June 2016 – After a heavy storm earlier this week our eagle cages where damaged. Some of the steel pillar were bended after the tree felt on top of the cage. We are looking for $500 USD to repair the cages for the Raptor Release Program. Would you like to help us?

We are happy to report that none of the Eagles were harmed. We openend a generosity crowfund account: Link

Please help out by donating and sharing! The eagles and our team will be for ever grateful!

damaged cages

damaged cages II







If you want to donate but do not have a creditcard, you can also transfer money directly to Wanicare Foundation!

Donate via bank transfer with the description: emergency aid

Name: Wanicare foundation

IBAN: NL65ABNA0515544981


Thank you!


Al Jabar School kids visit the center

3 June 2016 – As many as 66 school children of the Al Jabar School in Jakarta visited us for a 3 day education program. We are very happy to share our passion and educate about nature, wildlife and other facets of the eco-system.




















Macaques on their way to the wild!

We are very happy to share that yesterday 3 macaques left Cikananga after a long period of rehabilitation and are now on their way to JAAN in Jakarta. There they will be introduced to other ex-dancing monkeys for their final return to the wild.

DSC_5516 IMG-20160527-WA0005 IMG-20160527-WA0004






















New news today

This is Dodol. Last week this Javan Slowloris was transferred from the clinic to a larger cage. She was held as a pet. The little fire face project brought Dodol to us and after some time she can probably return to the wild.