Release of Silvery gibbon who was rescued to Cikananga

26 July 2019 – A release of Silvery gibbons by West Java’s Center for Natural Resources Conservation BBKSDA Jawa Barat and The Aspinall Foundation Indonesia. One of the pair is Inge, who was rescued to Cikananga in October 2018, and she is released together with Boris in the Patenggang Nature Reserve. We are very happy to know they are back in the wild again! See this link for more information.

Young Javan Leopard rescued to Cikananga

4 July 2019 – This approximately 4 month old cub was probably separated from his mother by dogs in Garut area. A specialist team has been trying to reunite the mother and cub for almost a week, but sadly no trace was found of the mother. Then the difficult decision was made to evacuate the cub. Under close supervison of our vet we will need to provide comfort for this scared Leopard while he is getting used to new surroundings and routine. Cikananga Wildlife Center and Wanicare run a program to specifically protect the critically endangered Javan Leopard as this species is under enormous pressure due to poaching, prey base depletion and shrinking habitats. Todays remaining population is estimated at less than 250 mature individuals, with a decreasing population trend. The Javan Leopard is listed on the IUCN red list since 2008.

Amongst others, we realised at Cikananga specific rehabilitation enclosures for rescue and rehabilitation purposes. If you want to know more about the program or want to support it, please contact us.

Arrival: Sun Bear cub Loi

23 June 2019 – Last week young Sun Bear Lio arrived in Cikananga. Her mother was shot on a Palm oil plantation on Sumatra, and she was taken to Central Java in the illegal wildlife trafficking network. After confiscation by Jaan and the local authorities, she was handed over to Cikananga where put all our effort to ensure she gets the right care to become a healthy and happy bear. 3 months old Lio requires intensive attention and specific care for many months ahead. As we work on a tied budget and have only so much hands available, we would like to ask you whether you be able to help us?

Please donate through PayPal (See header) or a bank transfer to ‘Stichting Wanicare’, IBAN: NL65ABNA0515544981, BIC: ABNANL2A.

Mongabay article on tragic ‘pet’ Otter trade

29 May 2019 – Otters are the next victim of a ‘pet’ hype around Asia. Cikananga Wildlife Center is part of the Mongabay article below, as we recognize the painful developments for Otters in the wild who end up in the illegal wildlife trade in horrible conditions. Please like and share the article to create attention and stop this as soon as possible.

Link to the Mongabay article


Rosie en Femi released!

1 May 2019 – Amazing news from Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) as Rosie and Femi, who spent a long period of time in Cikananga after their initial rescue will be released. Currently they are moved to a monitored area, and final release will happen in weeks to months depending their behavior. After an intensive period in the rehabilitation program of SOCP they are back in the wild!
Certainly this is the one thing why we do our work with so many dedicated people and organisations around us. Thanks to everyone involved, of course including SOCP, Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)and the many others who have been part of this!

Photo credit with SOCP.

New Bear platforms!

15 April 2019 – We are so happy to receive support from Sunbear Outreach to improve the bear facilities here in Cikananga. With more permanent structures the Sunbears can enjoy more physical activity as well this helps us to lower the use of fresh trees from the surrounding area. Keep following us to see which other improvements we have planned for the bears.

Six Javan Slow lorises handed over to IAR for release

16 March 2019 – Six Javan Slow lorises were handed over to International Animal Rescue Indonesia. At IAR they will get a second chance to live a life in the wild. Last night all lorises arrived safely at IAR. These critically endangered animals a under great threat of the international wildlife trade. As  Cikananga rescued many of them in the past years,we are very happy to see these individuals are fit enough for a second life in the wilderness.

Cikananga & Wanicare celebrate WorldWildlifeDay

3 March 2019 – The Cikananga Wildlife Center and Wanicare celebrate UN #WorldWildlifeDay. Since the start of Cikananga in 2001 and Wanicare (since 2009) thousands of animals have found a home at Cikananga. Every day we try to improve the circumstance for the animals by training our awesome staff, new and improved enclosures, extensive enrichment, better diets, alliances with other organisations and we develop release program to ensure that all animals, if possible, can live a life in the wild. We run solely on the support of donations and volunteers who support our work for the many animals who are victim of the wildlife trade or lost their habitat, don’t hesitate if you want to help as well…

Photo’s by Nikki Dodd, Ben and Robyn.