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We could do much more with your support as there is so much more work to do we can’t do right now because of our limited financial capacities. We run entirely on sponsoring and individual sponsors, conservation funds, and volunteers support volunteers, all the activities mentioned on this website. As we have a flat organization structure all your donated money and goods will directly benefit the animals and nature conservation. Also, the value of your currency will probably multiply as we can do a lot with only one Euro or Dollar in Indonesia to change the future for illegally traded animals.

Donate via bank

Wanicare – Triodos Bank: 
IBAN: NL64TRIO0788941402
Name: Wanicare Foundation
City: Balkbrug, the Netherlands

Wanicare – ABN AMRO Bank: 
IBAN: NL65ABNA0515544981
Name: Wanicare Foundation
City: Balkbrug, the Netherlands

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Annual Reports of the Wanicare Foundation can be found on the Annual Reports – Jaarverslagen page (in Dutch)

Wanicare ANBI status goed doel Wanicare II

Wanicare: ANBI-label
The Dutch Governement designated Wanicare as a “Public Benefit Organisation” institution.  At least 90% of the efforts of an ANBI has to be focused on the general good. Tax-deductions are possible for Dutch residents and Dutch organisations who help ANBI-labeled organisations like Wanicare.

Nederlands: ANBI-label 
Wanicare is door de overheid aangemerkt als een Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). Dit houdt in dat uw gift onder bepaalde voorwaarden aftrekbaar is voor de Inkomstenbelasting. Zie voor meer informatie: Belastingdienst informatie

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Wanicare ANBI status goed doel Wanicare