Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Amazing

26 July 2017 – Today in #AnimalsofCikananga: Amazing, Sunda slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) IUCN: Vulnerable and also in Cikananaga: Javan Slow Lorises (Nycticebus javanicus) IUCN: Critically Endangered

Slowlorisses wanicare cikananga Wanicare clinic

There are many Slow lorrises in Cikanaga from Java and Sumatra. In the last years large numbers arrived in Cikananga, and often the scenes were very disturbing: Boxes full of lorrises where some of them already died and most others in terrible condition. Many did not make the first weeks because they simply could not recover from the trauma.

Poachers and traders simply get as much as possible, and don’t care that a fair percentage dies in agony. Especially the Javan Species is very much in trouble because of shrinking habitats and hunting for the illegal trade. They are categorised as Critically endangered. The peak in trade was sparked by YouTube video’s that showed lorrises being “cute” as people tickle them, but the reality is that although to the uninformed eye it looks cute, these slow lorrises are terrified and hold their defence pose. To be clear: Slow lorrises are impossible to keep as a pet.

To “make them pets” poacher often cut their teeth. Many slow lorrises in Cikananga have this problem, like Amazing. It keeps them from a return to the wild as they are not able to eat the diet they can find in their habitat. In the meanwhile we provide a permanent sanctuary for them and we work on releases for the ones that are physically fit with other organizations. We are very happy that with the help of a sponsor we realized spacious enclosures in the last year. This facilitates the rehabilitation process for the releasable individuals as well guarantee animal welfare for the ones that stay in Cikananga.

Photo by Jonathan Beilby

In the July and August of this year we share a series of photo’s we call #AnimalsofCikananga. With this series we hope to give some insights and backgrounds on the rescued animals that are here in Cikananga and are so typical for the many challenges wild animals face in Indonesia.

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