A generous “wedding gift” for Wanicare and Brooke Hospital

Last September two very supporting sponsors of Wanicare were married in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Juus and Conny decided not to ask their guests for wedding presents but for donations for two charities. We are very happy and thankful to receive a generous €500! We would also like the thank Strandpaviljoen De Haven van Renesse as they sponsored 10% of the consumed turnover at the wedding.

Juus en Conny: We are very grateful to have people like you helping us help the wildlife in Indonesia! Congratulations, we’re wishing you a marriage filled with love and joy!

Conny’s choice was Brooke Hospital for Animals Nederland, (www.brooke.nl), an animal welfare charity which is working to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and the people who depend on them, in countries like Egypt and India. Brooke Hospital for Animals provides free veterinary service, in static clinics and with mobile clinics; prevents diseases by educating the equine owners in the basic principles of equine care and builds the capacity of local farriers, saddle makers, feed sellers etc. through training sessions. In Egypt alone Brooke Hospital for Animals helps 160.000 working equines on an annual basis. Brooke Hospital received a donation from of € 500

Juus’ choice was the Wanicare Foundation. Wanicare was founded in 2008 to support the Cikananga Wildlife Center on Java in Indonesia. Willemijn Eggen is the dedicated person behind this foundation and today the center is flourishing again as she is working with many colleagues to care for over 300 wild animals ranging from crocodiles, eagles to bears and orangutan’s. As many endangered wildlife wind up in the horrible illegal trade, Wanicare takes care of the rescued animals with daily (medical) care and advise, releases, fundraising, PR, educational programs and much more. Juus visited Cikananga in West-Java three times. Wanicare Foundation also received € 500















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