A very weak Leopard arrived in Cikananga

Two days ago this female Javan leopard arrived in Cikananga Wildlife Center. She was brought by the police who also confiscated her. The story of the persons who kept this poor girl is that they where hunting for pigs and suddenly saw 2 leopards fighting, one leopard run in to the rice field and got stuck in the mud, and that’s why they captured her. They kept her in a very small cage, where she could not even turn. The hunters told the police that they had her only for 2 days… Yeah sure!

What really happened will not be clear, but according to her condition it wasn’t much good. From the lack of muscles it’s for sure that she was held in captivity much longer.
Yesterday evening when she arrived, she was in real critical condition and was almost not reacting anymore. She was weak and badly dehydrated, She is also very skinny and her body is covered with small wounds.

At arrival medical treatment was started immediately and she got an infusion against the dehydration.Happily she amazed us and made it trough the first two nights, and she is already eating. It seems she is going to be better and hopefully we can move out of the clinic very soon.

Due to lack of release area’s we are having a hard time housing all the Leopards in Cikananga in a proper way. Would you like to help us build decent accommodations? Please contact us if you do so: info@wanicare.com

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