7Dennis is a baby orangutan who was confiscated on February 21 2015 from an illegal trader by JAAN. Dennis was torn away from the arms of his mother in sumatran forests and most probably his mother was brutally killed by palm oil workers.
Normally, Dennis would still be loved and cared for by his mother for at least another 6 years, gaining the skills and knowledge needed for an independent existence and the love needed for personal development. A mother orangutan will never let go of her baby without putting her own life at risk.

Palmoil plantations are developing rapidly for which primary rainforests are being destroyed and orangutans such as all other fauna and flora we can find only in these rich rain forests covering Indonesia are the victim.
Dennis is now intensively cared for at wildlife center Cikananga where he can gain strength and confidence before he can be relocated to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program.

Please help us raise awareness for Dennis’s cause. Dennis lost his mother and his home. Please let us avoid other orangutans and other wildlife from this horrific fate and get Dennis’ story out there.