Cikananga participates in Giving Day for Apes!

11 October 2022 – Support Cikananga as today is Giving Day for Apes! We are focussing on 3 projects, one of them is the translocation of Shanti & Chanee, two Agile Gibbons. Learn more here and donate through the Giving Day for Apes website.

Giving Day Apes is dedicated to raising money to assist apes in trouble across the world. Last year, in 2021 they raised a total amount of more than $960.000! We are asking for all our supporters to help us give a second chance to the apes that are affected heavily and horribly by the ongoing illegal wildlife trade.  For this day we highlight 3 different projects to support. 

1. The translocation of 2 juvenile Agile Gibbons, Shanti and Chanee to Sumatra, their homeland
to take another step towards their (final) release.
To read about their journey and what a translocation is all about, check “updates” above!

2. Building a sanctuary enclosure for Black, our Siamang who we sadly cannot release and
needs a warm ‘forever’ home to grow old in.
To read about his horrifying story, check “updates” above!

3. Renovating and redesigning Noni and Dodo’s, our Bornean Orangutan’s, enclosure
to provide them with multifunctional objects that can be used for enrichment.
To read about the plans, check “updates” above!


Take a look at the Giving Day for Apes page or contact us directly.